"Yes I do" RO's everyone hates but you love

Inspired by the post made by Zyrios, I created this so people like me can unapologetically simp for RO’s that all the rest of the fandom want to punch in the face. Idk if this post will be popular or not but I created it just for fun :woman_shrugging:

So for starters, I really like Jun/Junko from Samurai of hyuga. I think they have actual logical reasons to be the way they are, even if those doesn’t justify their actions. Also, I like characters that are morally corrupt and unapologetic about it, that they don’t care if they’re selfish or not. It’s worrying that they’re obsessed with the MC but I don’t mind :woman_shrugging: because they have a bond that occurs since childhood and also, because it’s nice to feel wanted. There, I said it.

I also like M from wayhaven. Bad boy/gal that changes for the power of love? Yes please. Self indulgent? Yes. Unrealistic? Yeah, but I don’t mind. This is fiction, let me live my fantasies. Also, I find it so funny that the other detectives are disgusted by their actions and they don’t mind. I think this character is liked by the people that also like the “I can destroy your emotional walls” trope, otherwise, I get why the others find M so tiring.

Well, if you have more to say feel free to comment or whatever c: bye :heart:


This is the thread I always needed! :blush:

I also absolutely adore Jun/ko. They are my favorite RO from all and any IFs. This thread must be the only place free of Jun/ko hate and I’m very thankful to you for creating it. Loving the characters most people loudly hate can be daunting.


To no ones surprise I have crawled from the depths of my cave to wax poetry about Leon from A Mage Reborn. Yes I know he had MC bbq’d but my MC sure doesn’t care, the man’s too much of a simp to think logically anymore or care.

I just think the angst between Leon and MC still wanting to be together despite what happened to be too good of a scenario to pass up. I’m not gonna say that I completely agree with his course of actions, in my opinion the whole situation is a complicated mess, my MC wanted a life with his love and blames Sister for it all.


Heck yes! Unpopular ROs ftw!

If you’ve seen my replies on Zyrion’s post, you know that I personally really like A. I’m not too fond of how suddenly the detective falls in love with any of the ROs in Wayhaven, but I really enjoy the angst and conflicting feelings in A’s route. Iirc I’ve seen some people claim that they don’t like having to make their detective be pushy towards A to get anywhere, but I personally played my detective as accepting of A’s personal conflict (if not a bit heartbroken), and who backed off when A seemed to push her away, and that worked out just fine for me. I’m also just a sucker for stoic and emotionless people being turned into messes because of :sparkles:feelings :sparkles: :weary::raised_hands:
(Though if the angsty will-they-won’t-they really lasts for six entire books, that might end up becoming a potential turn off for me. Or not; I’m always a sucker for some tasty angst. I guess I’ll just have to read and see lmao).

Definitely Jun/ko from Samurai of Hyuga too! I haven’t played enough of that game and haven’t gotten to meet them yet, but from what I’ve seen, I love their character.
I just honestly really love unhealthy romances in fiction, especially villain/hero romances. In real life I’d fucking yeet, but fiction is a healthy outlet to explore these kinds of things (as long as you remember to separate fiction from reality), so I don’t see anything wrong with being able to romance darker or more twisted characters. It’s all wish-fulfillment anyways, so I might as well enjoy my unhealthy dark romance ROs with all their banter and sexual tension and definitely-unhealthy-but-also-kind-of-hot interactions while sipping a mug of hot chocolate or something lmao.


Same! I didn’t know people hated him for what he did though; from his point of view, choosing to bbq the mc makes sense, since he has literally no information other than the aftermath of what the mc did.

I also really loved the epilogue where you see Ilya revealing what really happened, and that mc was actually innocent all along, and then you cut to Leon’s reaction, and he how the news just… shatter him. It was fucking tragic, but at the same time the angst and drama in that was so good.


Who’s that guy? Never heard of him


yeah who? Flinx should stop making up people


I love Nick from Thieves’ Gambit: Curse of the Black Cat! I don’t know if “everyone hates him” but the game as a whole is sadly underrated and he was an amazing RO - I’m a sucker for con artist characters.


Here’s my list:

  • A from Wayhaven Chronicles. Recently, they have been unpopular in the forums. For some, they view them as emotionally abusive because they led the MC on and then back away from them. Personally, A is currently on conflict with their feelings. There are people who take time to open up and pushing them doesn’t help. My MC for them understands their situation and she has the patience to take it slow. In the end, I still believe that Miskha will not make A-mancers wait too long for their romance to flourish.

  • Leon from A Mage Reborn. My MC is quite patient and understanding. She forgave Leon and accept her fate when she died. I’m looking forward to how the reconciliation will be during the course of the story.


Junko from SOH and Maria from relics of the lost age. Both of them are very much unlikable, immoral, and at least, at the beginning, really want to kill you. But despite all that, in terms of character and backstory, both of them are extremely complex and have issues from the past that consume them that they need to get over, and the process/character development, or what we do get to see of it, is something I find fascinating.


I admit it, I love Jun/Junko from samurai of hyuga! I know they are as toxic as a nuclear power plant and a lot of readers say they deserve their stay in hell, but damn I really cried when I realized I probably wouldn’t see them in the series again.

part of that attraction that I have is due to the character development, Jun/Junko are very complex characters and their development gives you a small hope that they will be a little bit better! but then the author just takes your hope and throws it away and that hurts and i hate it but i love it, i love this type of characters because their story is so fascinating


I’m also in the Leon boat, which I’ve discovered is an uphill battle to have to fight - I still feel my head hurt when I think about the effort I went to to defend the poor guy a couple weeks ago. XD


Just gonna throw my hat in as world’s biggest Maria simp from Relics. I really love the hostile dynamic for half the series but you can tease her the whole time. Not to mention the option I took where she and your MC were lovers in college. Then how steamy it can get in book two, how flabbergasted she is if you just forgive her, what I’ve seen from the wip of book three, it’s all perfect in my opinion.

All of that aside redhead with Spanish accent is an aesthetic.


I’d like to add to this topic but from an author’s standpoint. In UnNatural I wrote the character Victor with the intention of being a character people hated but tolerated because of his skill I was then blindsided by a lot of people asking for the chance to romance him lol


Make a character, absolutely despicable, unredeemable in every way, and you’ll get at least one person asking if that’s going to be an RO


For me, it’s Mason from Wayhaven. I complain about how long it’s taking for M to realize their feelings, but fully believe it’s more an author choice than the character. I freaking love Mason. Is he abrasive? Yep. Is he sexually aggressive? You betchya. But he respects the MC’s boundaries and he’s honest. He’s also the one that most respects the MC as a team member as of book 2. He’s protective without being smothering, and is genuinely soft at times without being nauseating. He can be sweet one minute and ask if you’re an idiot the next (if you deserve the question), and I love love love love love those qualities.

Only other one I can think of is Black Magic. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about him, but I loved him. I just wish there had been more of a romance to that romance.


That person is me :pensive::ok_hand:t2: That one Mind Blind character… iykyk


That happened to the author of Soul Stone Wars, too. It went sorta like:

“Wait, but like, Mornie kidnapped you and almost did sexual crimes to you, I don’t understand?”


“I, uh, o-okay, I guess…”


But when Manerkol, who is essentially Hitler with added precognition and brainfucking capabilities, gags and ties MC up in their dreams in borderline sexual way, no one complains.

Double standards people!

Also Mornies is best girl!


Well, I mean, some people are into that… :stuck_out_tongue: (I am so not defending Manerkol, but still…)