I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

Like as not, this is going to end up getting assimilated into a broader, general-purpose RO thread, but that won’t stop me from posing the question:

I’m sure you’ve seen the topics about ROs you love across CoG, now how about ROs that you think should fall off a cliff?

For me, as far as CoG entries go, I have precisely zero use for the royal (in my case, the queen) in Affairs of the Court… which, uh, is problematic, because you have to romance the royal in order to continue the game. Romancing anybody else gets you frozen out of the court. (Forcing people into author-intended routes by holding the rest of the story hostage is probably a topic of discussion for a different thread, I imagine.)

That actually is part and parcel to why I have no use for her, because choosing to romance anybody but her causes her jealousy to shoot through the roof and winds up bricking that character’s political career. Like, damn, lady, I’m fresh into this whole political game, I’m just here to secure a marriage of convenience so that my family won’t have to live in a box, and I’m not stupid enough to risk my neck for a scandalous affair with the wife of a guy who could order my head on a spike without contest, sorry for blue-balling you, I guess? No need to get so heated over me putting my family’s financial stability above flirting with the executioner’s block, sheesh.

On the HG side of things, an RO who I think should choke on some arsenic would be M(organ, in my case) from Wayhaven Chronicles. You’d think, with my tendency to play edgy tryhard characters, that I would find some kinship with an edgy tryhard chain-smoking vampire who only cares about sex as far as romance is concerned. You would be wrong to think this, you silly person, you. In fact, I find Morgan to be utterly insufferable, and beyond that, unstable to the point of genuine concern, because a lot of her behavior strongly suggests that, in another life, she’d be a serial murderer. This leaves me honestly perplexed as to how I’m supposed to see her as a romance option in the first place, rather than a threat to public safety that my job, as an officer of the law, demands that I keep on a very, very short leash. There’s also the detail of her amnesia, which I feel is eventually going to lead to a major reveal about her having to be amnesiac in order to keep her from turning into some kind of bloodthirsty monster that the agency can barely handle. Can’t say that really turns me on at all, sorry.

And over on the HC side of things: Chafiq (Never Date Werewolves) can go to hell. I ain’t got time for racists, and I’m sure as hell not going to romance a guy who thinks my kids are freaks of nature that deserve to be killed. Sorry not sorry, you bigoted asswipe. Get out of my apartment building.

Those are three of my examples, so how about you guys?


I don’t have any specific examples, but I would never go for ROs that are any of 1) bigoted, 2) super bubbly, or 3) a prankster.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the reason Morgan is amnesiac is because she suffered massive trauma, which is what her Falk scene is about. In fact, nobody respects the Detective as a person as much as M, which is the only one of the Bravos that acknowledges the Detective has agency. And the reason she’s a jerk is because, when you’re Morgan, nobody has bathed for a year, they keep invading your personal space, and everybody TALKS REALLY LOUDLY ALL THE TIME. Meanwhile, Ava is over a thousand years old and she has the emotional maturity of a teenager edgelord.

As for ROs that I think should take a dive off a cliff, Relics of the Lost Age’s María is a literal Nazi collaborator and all-around awful person even if she weren’t, SSW’s Manekol is basically Hitler plus mindrape, AMR’s Leomar thinks that committing genocide doesn’t merit a harsh punishment, Evertree Inn Saga’s… whatsitsname, the shapeshifter asshole is murderous trash (which is why I’m thrilled he’s dead and gone in my playthrough), and Professor of Magical Studies’s Darcy is an abusive, manipulative, backstabbing piece of trash.

No begging allowed without a permit. Winter has in fact done literally nothing that DOESN’T make me want to fireball him in the face. Repeatedly.

I give leeways to jerks who have good reasons to be jerks, like Wayhaven’s Morgan and AMR’s Flyss (included, even if her jerkness towards my MC lasted the whole of like two interactions).

I am morbidly curious about this now, never having played the game.


Ruby Redburg! (Evertree Saga)

I want to be able to kill her and place her cold, limp body on Hayden’s doormat (yes, the one on their ship) like a cat bringing home a gift. I don’t like the thought of that dwarf still being out there and alive. It’s nothing personal really, but she poses a risk, and any threat to Winter needs to be dealt with, like yesterday.

I beg to differ.

MY GOD I HAD ERASED THAT ONE FROM MY MEMORY!!! We have a winner, folks!

Your hate only makes me love them more! Just kidding, that’s not possible. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have never seen such opinion about M!

I can actually agree with most of these things about them. Generally I don’t like all ROs of this type (although there are rare exceptions). Sometimes I wonder why a mean and rude person is so attractive to readers and they immediately claim that they fall in love with them (especially on Tumblr, I can see it xD)

As for specific examples… Honestly, I never thought about it :thinking: Since I read a lot of games - especially WIPs - there are ROs that annoys me and for various reasons I don’t like them, but then I just don’t think about them and I ignore their existence in the game (as much as it’s possible)

Ok, I know. Jun/Junko (Samurai of Hyuga)! This is RO that I could talk about a lot… and it would not be anything positive.

As for RO from WIP that I would gladly kill, the first that come to my mind are two characters from When Twilight Strikes (Guess which ones if you’ve read this game :stuck_out_tongue:)


You got a license for that begging you’re doing?


I don’t know how I forgot about Darcy. Maybe because Darcy’s existence made me want to forget about that entire game’s existence.

@Cingulum_diaboli I apparently have played at least part of When Twilight Strikes, since I have a save file partway through, but I’d need to restart it to remember anything.


I’m not really all that invested in most romance routes, there are ones that I like and ones that are whatever, but probably one of the few that I despise completely and utterly is black magic from heroes rise. I’m not going to say any more than that because if I start, I’m not gonna be able to shut up. It’s not even how you get railroaded into it and all that other stuff, it’s the character of black magic specifically. And as for Maria from Relics, I would definitely agree on all those points, until we find out about her past in the second game. You can still hate her but her motives at least are understandable even if they’re kind of dumb. And yeah, I agree that the monarch from Affairs of a court is, well, a sadistic maniac with some issues


Thing about me is that, if a character acts like a shitwad right out of the gate, my interest in getting to know them goes straight through the floor. I don’t waste my time trying to get on somebody’s good side in real life who decides to treat me like crap, I’m not going to suddenly start putting in the effort for the sake of fiction. There’s probably entire books of info about M that I don’t know on account of the fact that she acts like a twit every time the story gives her an opening to start talking, which makes me want her to just screw off and die already rather than want to know her story. That’s why my opinion of her is so harsh.


Wait, how come you don’t feel this way about Ava too, who does the same but moreso?

Not going to lie, this is actually impressive - I’ve never ever seen so much “eeeewwww” crammed into a single paragraph.


Oh I do feel that way, it’s just that M was my example, so I was focusing on her. Ava is a shitstain as well, and I have just as little interest in her crap as Morgan’s.


I’m gonna guess B(laire, in my case) and K(aia)? In truth, A(rden) and N (I forgot her name, shit) are the only two ROs that I have any interest in, but I don’t hate Rylen as much as she annoys me, whereas Blaire and Kaia just piss me off to even have to interact with. Which is a bummer for the author, because B is their favorite RO, they’ve mentioned. XD


I have nothing to add


I stopped reading about halfway through book 2, but from what I know of Junko from that, I can tell you that she’s a bloodthirsty psycho bitch who wants your character to fly off the handle and also become a bloodthirsty psycho, and is, like, creepy sexual about it while also trying to kill you.


Junko is one of those characters that I personally despise as a person but find well written as a character, especially when you find out more about her backstory in the fourth book. Not the type I usually go for, but she’s interesting


B and K

Y E S :triumph:


Jun shows up in book 4 of the series, kidnaps you and literally puts you on a leash, it’s really abusive, unhealthy bullshit (I think you can even get r*ped by them IIRC), and you have absolutely no say in it, you can’t avoid them AT ALL, it’s not even some small part, it’s the entire 4th book, and the author makes it obvious how much he loves that character, and forces his opinion on your MC by giving them no option to hate Jun or truly express disgust, best case you can roleplay some kind of Stockholm Syndrome.


I… wow, that is so much worse than what I said. Am I remembering a different psychopath from the same series? Because that just made me think that I am misremembering, Jesus Christ.


The most fucked up RO ever


Yeah, that scene with the collar was definitely an extremely low point of the series