I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

From what I have heard, female Junko and male Jun are not entirely the same character and act differently. I have only played a male gay MC with a male Jun.


I’ve heard this as well


Okay, so that makes me feel… not BETTER, but not as grossed out, because Junko shows up way earlier and is, as I mentioned, creepy sexual about making you into a bloodthirsty monster.

And also she steals your sword. What a bitch.


I don’t know why that was quoted in Polish, but I disagree about Polish being fucked up. It’s beautiful.


I am SOOO with you with the Monarch in Choice of Romance. They are based on Henry VIII, and I really don’t like Henry VIII, tbh. So I guess that helps with my bias against them lol.

Like, dude is allowed to have flings with multiple people while being married/together with the MC, but god forbid the MC have an affair. Getting into one locks you out of pretty much one of the best endings in the game. You have to be this incorruptible, pure, faithful SO to this cheating, unstable dude. Lol no thanks.

Another one, which is probably controversiall: Prodigal from Heroes Rise. She is crazy best friend material, and I dig that part of her. Like I really wish we spent more time being friends, or at least allies, with her. It was so heartbreaking when she died, and I really liked her “rebirth” in Hero Project. But she is soooo not girlfriend material. Like, DO NOT STICK YOUR D IN CRAZY.

From Samurai of Hyuga, Jun/ko.

Dear lord, Jun/ko. I am not digging them for the exact same reason I do not dig Prodigal, but x1000. Their relationship is just so frigging toxic and abusive, that it literally HURT playing through SoH 4 bc of how uncomfortable I was with Jun and the Ronin. And the game is 99% Jun/ko and Ronin being literally shackled together. If I could write a letter to a younger Ronin , I’d say “DO NOT STICK YOUR D IN CRAZY” lol. But they’d have to learn how to read first hahahaha

For Zombie Exodus, the leader guy that I totes forgot the name of. Tbh, I haven’t played the original ZE in a looong time, but I remember hating him cuz dude’s a sketchy asshole since the very beginning. What kind of assholery he did, I totally forgot. All I remember is that he somehow betrays the group near the end?

I like how nearly everyone here hates Darcy. Thank fudge I am not alone lol

Those are the ones that are coming to mind atm.


Darcy is, once again, a character that I stopped wanting to have any part with when her backstabbing shenanigans came out. And yet it feels like the game is treating me like I’m the bad guy for not wanting to patch up our friendship, that she saw fit to throw in the garbage in order to get ahead? Y tho?


Tom in zombie exodus? Yeah; that guy is literally out for you, as in, tries to kill you both indirectly and directly and if he somehow survived all the way to the end of the game and you manage to hold off the zombies at the Cathedral, well, that ending is not fun


Oh…this is gonna be another heated one…

Manerkol from Soul Stone War series. Angst is spicy and all. But, I couldn’t for the love of God, do bad shit to my four companions in exchange to being a soulmate with a person like him.

Blane from When Twilight Strikes WIP. Sure, Blane is the"Rival"… But could you please not hostile to me every time we meet. This includes M from Wayhaven, and Probably A from Golden WIP or F from AMR WIP.

Jun/Junko from SoH. Bold of you to assume, i would forgive you for everything you did. A big NAH

Ensign Asadi from Mecha Ace. Just… tone down your thrill for battle, and remember i’m still your superior.

I think, that’s all? Then again these character fall into “Folks i’d rather not deal with” instead of wishing any harm to them.

Except Manerkol and Jun/Junko.



I hated Darcy from Day 1 tbh.


Who is Darcy?


Sometimes google translator turns on :stuck_out_tongue:


The author even made mention that B hates your character for no good reason - the excuse is that, “sometimes people just don’t like you.” So there’s not even any purpose to them being your rival, they just decided that you’re on their shit list from day one, and you being good at your job is just galvanizing them in that regard.


Your “best friend” in Professor of Magical Studies, who is definitely not your best friend.


Darcy is from the Professor of Magical Studies WIP. She’s an ex-friend of your MC and one other character who got so badly scarred from an incident involving magic that they swore off ever practicing it again. She literally locks you in your room in order to screw you out of a position you were applying for, and when you become a teacher at the same school as her later, she STILL acts like a shitlicker, but is markedly less subtle about it now.

(She’s also gender-swappable, she’s just female in my playthrough.)

(It occured to me that maybe I should spoiler that, whoops)


It’s been a while since I played, but IIRC it’s not the game that treats you like that, but the magical faculty. Note that the mathematician pretty much goes “good on you” if you stand up to Darcy. And the reason the rest of magical faculty treats you like that is because they’re ALSO assholes, it isn’t them that Darcy constantly treats like trash, and you’re “making waves” and how dare you.

EDIT: I actually can’t stand weabooness, so I’m probably going to give a skip to Hyuga, but I see lots of people talking about this When Twilight Strikes thingy. Do you recommend it? And if so, do you has link? I tried searching for it but couldn’t find the thread.


Ah, right right, collegiate inter-staff politics, I forgot.


Whaat?! My MC was even nice to them! Sometimes.

And they hate MC for no good reason? :unamused:


Basically, yeah. Like, even if you get into a romance with them, the author indicated that it’ll be more like a hate-mance than them getting over themselves and not being a prick to you.


Totally forgot about that guy! I actually jumped out of the Manerkol train in 2. Soulmate or not, you DO NOT hurt my half-dragon bb!

I made a playthrough where MC and Darcy were exes who got back together. Girl, why would you take him back?! Did that thing in your head kill your braincells or smth??!


As far as I know, the WIP is still ongoing, so that’s odd. But yeah, it’s been a pretty decent read so far - barring my purposefully playing my character in such a way that EVERYBODY hates him, just to see how low I can get the relationship meters (last I knew, I had them in the firm negatives!), which blew the author’s mind when I told them about it.