I'm Sorry, But I Think We Should See Other People - ROs You Hate

I could never romance with such person…

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Darcy is a realistic villain and I actually quite like that about them.
These kind of people absolutely exist irl.
Smart but narcisstic, cowardly and ambitious to a fault, with the occasional bout of self awareness.

I also like that we’re continuously given chances to play dirty against them, call them out, brush them off etc. and that there are consequences to that too.
That unpredictability of Darcy makes them one of my favourite ROs as well as my most hated.
People don’t suddenly change character once you are in a relationship with them, in that sense the fact that they continue to remain a challenge feels quite refreshing compared to a lot of enemies to lovers tropes I’ve seen around.


Huh, I found it just by googling the title. The demo, anyway. There may not be a forum thread, I dunno.


I don’t think anyone is arguing that Darcy isn’t a good CHARACTER, it’s just that I’d rather bash my head against a wall before I’d so much as kiss them.

Ah, that was my problem, I tried searching in the CoG forum. Found the demo via googling, thanks.


Lol I’m sorry to healthy relationships as a whole but Jun/Junko is one of my favorite Ro’s. I feel guilty for liking them so much lmaoo

Black magic from heroes rise can go duck themselves. They’re literally like “If you don’t do what I want I’ll break up with you” and I hate that.

One Ro I don’t like is the archivist from the superlatives, I don’t even remember their name. On my first time playing the game I romanced them, only for them to tell me they weren’t ready at the end of it all and breaking things off I know there’s a good ending with them but, if you know you probably can’t handle a relationship, why lead the other person on? Def Dusk is so much better and top tier. I said what I said.


It’s kind of interesting because a lot of the characters we’ve been talking about seem to fall into two different categories; the ones that are legitimately well written but just aren’t liked personally and the ones that are badly written and despised because of that


Personally, given that my character never bothered with Black Magic (I was rolling my eyes hard at the “secret fantasy” that my character supposedly had about themself and Black Magic in the first book - like yeah, I’m officially nuking this plot thread before it has a chance to go anywhere, nice try, author), my bigger gripe with her was that she apparently can’t stand that my character wasn’t wooed by her sexual charms.

Book one: Baiting my character into thinking she was in danger, only to see her inviting me for sexy times? My character left without even looking back.

Book two: Black Magic tried to use sex to convince my character to fudge a challenge in the Hero Project so that she could buy her way back into the public’s good graces due to her recent scandal. Look, Magic, it didn’t work on me the first time, it’s not gonna work on me now, quit it.

Book three: Actually trying to kill my character for previous incidents in the series. If this is supposed to get me to change my mind about you, Magic, it’s decidedly NOT working!


Oh wow, I forgot about that guy too. Yeah, let’s add him to the list of COG/HG yanderes I do not want to be with.

Tbh, the only romance option I actually liked in the entire Heroes Rise/Hero Project series (scratch that, Zachary Sergi’s entire multiverse) was Jury (havent done Jenny since I always play a straight female). Only because his romance in HR came out of NOWHERE, and the fact that he’s an RO in HP means that it actually goes NOWHERE. Altho it is sweet if he and OG MC get back together (offscreen. But still.)

THAT is how you do an “enemies to lovers to exes to lovers” thing, Darcy. Take notes. The key is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.


My intent was to romance Jenny, but then my character called a bad bluff and got her killed.



It is perfectly understandable to feel that way, I just personally find them simultaneously the most likeable and the most hateable RO in any game I’ve played.
If the author made them the tiniest bit more self assured and insufferable, it would be a turn off and the character would feel too one dimensional for me to pursue. They’ve managed to strike a precarious balance for me somehow and I’m interested in their route the most.


She can die?? :scream:



Book three, as Null, Jenny gets taken hostage by Jury with a gun that SHOULDN’T be lethal, and he threatens to do her harm unless you do… something, I forget what. My MC called his bluff, and it turned out the gun was lethal, which was as much a shock to him as it was to me, because it meant that I got my intended RO murdered. Damn it.


Where NOWHERE = repeated demand from sucker-for-punishment readers and Sergi going, “eh, why the hell not.”


Prodigal of Heroes Rise is the most extreme example I can think of; I never ended up finishing that series because there was no way to refuse a partnership, and being forced to interact with her ruined the entire game for me. Black Magic bothered me less, though I certainly wasn’t interested in them at all.


In SoH, Momoko is the one that makes me most uncomfortable. It’s bad enough the game makes her descriptions way too male gazey, but she gets completely delusional and assumes your ronin will sleep with her even if you show ZERO interest and go out of your way to be cold to her. She acts all creepy about it in the love hotel. I thought it was over given she seemed to accept my rejection. But it’s not over. When she gets possessed by the Silent Lady, despite her knowing my ronin doesn’t swing that way, she goes along with the demon’s pact so she can win me over. And in the alpha of the fifth game, she and the Silent Lady go waaaay too far. And then Momoko even asks for a kiss later on! I mean I feel bad for what Jun did to her and she’s a tragic character, but Momoko, please leave me alone. No means no!


On the topic of Junko
I remember that I liked her by the end of the book. At least the person I was at the time of playing felt that she’d somewhat redeemed herself by then, and they wanted to continue the romance in the future. Thinking on her, I don’t know how I’d take her now since I’m such a different person now (I don’t even think I knew I was a girl then). If I’m completely honest, I see way too much of myself in her, especially after having experienced my first relationship in real life, however brief it was (at least she was understanding and we’re still close friends). I’m super conflicted with her, I think. Like I said, I’m uncomfortably understanding because of my severe BPD, but she’s also just outright a shitty abusive person for pretty much all of the book, and controlling/emotional abuse is my biggest trigger (good thing I totally didn’t do any of that the second I got into a relationship haha…ha… :c) soooo it’s a lot.
In any case I don’t think anyone should be totally one hundred percent into her, and the fact that there’s some people who are is kinda upsetting. I have to assume it’s young people who don’t know/understand abuse because the alternative is way worse :slightly_frowning_face:


Don’t understand, or more specifically, don’t understand what some forms of abuse actually look like. Like, I remember being really badly upset when I learned about gaslighting, because it meant that a friendship I thought I had was actually just me being manipulated into things without even realizing it. There’s just enough ambiguity in Junko’s character that one might overlook some forms of abuse being put on display, especially if they aren’t aware that they’re abuse in the first place.


Eh, I usually am ok with even the more heinous ROs if they are interesting enough (though I wouldn’t wish for them IRL), but any RO that is forced upon me gets far higher standards from me to have me not try to avoid them out of spite if given the chance.


Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think the reader is particularly supposed to like the Monarch in Affairs of the Court. Although the first part was originally released under the title Choice of Romance, the authors never intended to serve up an appealing buffet of book boyfriends (or girlfriends) to cater to all tastes. The only suitor actually written to be alluring to the reader is de Mendosa. The Monarch, Torres, and de Mendosa aren’t really meant to be ROs the way we’ve come to expect. They’re personifications of the PC’s choice between the ultimate high-stakes power play, a comfortable but unexciting existence, and a shabby-genteel happy-ever-after.


Given what I’ve heard about the other two parts, yeah, I definitely get now that the monarch is the objective bad choice (even though they’re the mandatory one to unlock the other two parts), but at the time, I thought it was completely ridiculous, and admittedly still kind of do (on the aforementioned grounds of it not being cool to hold the story hostage in order to force the player to go down the route you want them to), that my ability to continue the game went in the toilet because I chose someone other than them to romance.