NPCs you wish you could romance, but can't

well… i just feel really sad when i realized (not only once) that some NPC that i like is not romanceable, so i take @ParrotWatcher advice to make a thread for it.

for me (take a note : i don’t blame or hate the Author for it…) to be honest i love their works and their story’s character, that is why i feel so sad when they reveal RO list and my fav NPC isn’t included or in another case they’re straight guys or non straight gals :cry: and the rest that romanceable (gay guys, bi or pan guys and gals) isn’t really appealing to me.

so, is there someone else out there that has similar experiences with me ? :grin: please share your story of unromanceale NPC :innocent:

EDIT : and NO!!, apache attack helicopter isn’t included :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

okay, here is my unromanceable NPC from WIPs and not from released games :grin: :
Jishaku or Magpie (Freak: Amidst the Neon Light) the cute guys who stole MC first kiss but wasn’t included in RO list :sob:
Cassius (Dragon Racer) The “Noble Knight” who is tragically straight
Toby (Through Broken Lenses) The kind guy who approached unsociable MC who tragically straight
Lucy (Through Broken Lenses) The nice girl who tragically isn’t interested in my Male MC


Nah, you’re supposed to give examples, e.g.

Jun (Way Walkers University), the cute best friend, who is always tragically straight.
Chiros (Champion of the Gods), the shepherd boy who is forced to leave you by destiny, and ends up far happier in another relationship (worse, I think it was a straight relationship).

Of the two, Chiros is probably worse, because at least Jun was definitely unromanceable (plus I had Umbrave to fall back on), while Chiros was teased as being romanceable, before being forbidden by the game.

(Note: I cut down your thread name to give it a more unified theme; I hope that’s all right with you.)


just edit the first post and add my list :grin: and… didn’t you change the title? why did it change back to the long unneccesary title ?! :confused: just realized its my mistake XD

Well, let’s see if that sticks…

You should maybe note that all of yours are from WIPs, rather than released games.

Oh, no @ParrotWatcher has gone mad with power. :fearful:

Shocking but I don’t actually know any npc’s my mc’s would wish to romance but can’t.
Oh, wait I do, I do.

Ares (Children of the God’s) The Sexy hunk of a God with the hottest bod on Olympus who sadly, tragically doesn’t like my mc (that way). :cry: Of course my mc there doesn’t really desire a full romance there, just lots and lots of sex would be fine.


Hmmmm, though nothing to get heartbroken over… I guess @ParrotWatcher Kay is too good for my liking…

Broken Lenses Lucy who is lesbian and doesn’t fit most of my playthroughs then.

Prodigy due to a severe case of unavoidable death.

Way Walker’s Sem is a boy and does’t fit my normal playthroughs.

Outside of here? Leliana in Inquisition, my warden had Morrigan. I would’ve preferred her to Josephine or Cassandra.


I made a poem for that. :slight_smile: It was worse because the game forced us to be happy for Jun and their love as opposed to allowing me to pine!

I may have also grumped a bit about Chiros.

Both of them I had issues with them having a one true love soulmate that wasn’t me.

Of course, now I’m writing a game where that’s the case.

@Curious_Boy Since your examples for WIPs you can leave feedback to let the authors know. That said I’m not in favour of making gay characters straight just so they can be romanced.


Is this choice ofs only?

There are some characters I’ve wanted to invade personal space with (in questionable but perfectly G rated ways) but I’m not sure if I’d call it romancing.

But you can still actually romance both of them; you just don’t want to.

I wasn’t really counting dead boyfriends (or, in this case, girlfriends). My list would be a little longer if I did…

@FairyGodfeather: I still think Chiros is worse. Sure, I would have liked Jun, but it was clear we couldn’t be together. With Chiros, we actually had a very good romance going until the game nope’d us.

Agreed. This is why I generally don’t complain (seriously) about straight characters in games where there are similar numbers of gay characters, as it would be rather hypocritical. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right!! Chiros is the worse feeling i had experiences :sob:

can’t argue to that :yum:

i’ve done that. but nothing can be change as it is something important for the plot (i guess)

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I feel honored to be considered among those who have broken your hearts

I think my heart was first broken by Jenny (who turned out to be lesbian while I was playing a male) from Heroes Rising, though I got over it after we became such good friends that I started to think about her like a sister, and the thought of her in bed just made me more uneasy. Bonus points for providing one the few death scenes in a game that actually made me feel guilty and sad about it.

There was also the Blue Dragon in Choice of Dragon. Technically we could romance them, but since they went to sleep for a thousand years and never showed up in the game again, I don’t count it as an actual romance.


But @Curious_Boy was listing incompatible orientation characters, so he could too if he just made a girl… but didn’t you really want to romance that boyfriend? But alas your love blooming in the springtime of youth was cut short :yum:

Eh, You gave us Vi too, I think that more that more than makes up for it in my book.

Simple solution for those who are “tragically straight”-- roll with it. :wink:

I know, I know, “Inconceivable!”

I happen to be the girliest girl this side of girldom and my favorite Choice game is gender-locked. I barely noticed (as ultimate RO was the very pillow upon which I lay my head). Before I discovered COG and Hosted, (when given the option), the only time I ever played against type was when I craved a god baby for my very own. Why, I even donned a male MC purely for the sweetness of Stray in From Ashes We Rise. Now, I am not in the least extolling how I might just be more flexible and fun-loving…:unicorn:

Yes, Chiros rips the heart and does tend to squish a bit…


I’m not as well read in WIPs yet (I have only read two) so I’m not going to have nearly as significant a list.

Of course, the first people in the thread already know about my crush on @ParrotWatcher’s character Kevin, but he already has a boyfriend and only appears for one scene anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(You knew I’d have to mention him, I’m sure ;P)

My other major unrequited NPC affection was in A Study in Steampunk (@heather) . There’s a character at the Sun Temple, Gavin Chase, who strikes me as very passionate and really inspiring. I can’t help but feel like my character really falls for him. But Chase also distinctly distrusts the main character, and I can’t blame him for that. There’s no real chance that any kind of romance could happen within the timeframe of the story, even if he likes guys at all. I just ended up interpreting my character as striving to impress him :smiley:

Which caused me to go all heart melt towards the end where there’s a chance for him to finally admit that it was worth it to accept the main character to the temple after all.

So, uh, neither of these are actual complaints, just longing sighs :stuck_out_tongue:

As a general principle, I do think having characters with specific sexual orientations is reasonable as long as there’s not some huge skew, though. It can help bring up the diversity. Though having bisexual characters who are acknowledged as bisexual also helps this.


I’m fairly certain I was quite vocal in my feedback in regards to Chiros. I actually liked them a lot too and thought they were far more fleshed out than our generic one true love. I really liked that they fought even though they were scared. That they came with us on our journey, both of them if we asked them to. That they were there for us.

But I was more glad that they had a vision from the gods luring them away through gods meddlesomeness as opposed to what was there before.

Ah that’s a shame then.

Sometimes I just like the idea I can have an unrequited crush! And that it can be acknowledged in the text. That I can actually get rejected, and feel hurt at that rejection as opposed to the game forcing me not to.

Alas wasn’t that the case with all of the dragon romances?

Hmmm. The trouble is that the vast majority of media we consume expects this. Most games expect us to be straight. Most books centre around straight characters. Almost all tv and movies.

I like that we have this little corner of the internet here where that’s not the case. Where we don’t need to roll with the tragically straight, being tragically straight ourselves. Unless we really want to.


Ha! I would hope the game would embrace your hopeless crush and paint it as it is. :slight_smile: Let you swoon over him a bit. :slight_smile:

OH I do love that interpretation. Although I like if the text gives a slight nod to such things.

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Karin Eichelberger (?) from Magikiras is one of them… She is a Pans, i guess… since she loves morgan regardless of Morgan’s gender… I wouldn’t call one night date as a romance either… :expressionless:

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As I said, due (entirely) to you, he will be getting a second scene. You still can’t romance him, though. (He’s taken, remember. ;P)

Do I want to know what was there before…?


I was kinda happy it got cut off early as opposed to later in the game. Though I only tried romanced her/him because they were the first person I met that I thought was a romance.

I think Quaintrelle meant any sexuality since she gave a gay romance example.

You know, I’d probably argue that Ares wants to kill you if I wasn’t going after Sage…


Absolutely. I meant to indicate that these games aren’t as rigid in gender roles and could possibly inspire a character and completely different mindset to explore gender fluidity, rather than the encouragement to repress one’s orientation…