Romantic Wish List?

Okay so this is a fairly straight-forward question. Is there anyone in the game that you wish you could’ve romanced that you weren’t able to?

Personally I thought Rebellion was going to be a romance option since their gender changes (I didn’t realize at first they change to be the same gender as your MC not the gender you are attracted to like Lucky and Black Magic). I know Rebellion is an older guy/gal but I thought it would’ve been kind of cool to have some kind of romance with your idol, even if they turned out to be a total ass later on.

I also know being asexual is a huge want for a lot of people, and I do agree that would’ve been a nice option since they really push your MC’s crush on Black Magic and Lucky and it even made me uncomfortable at times (especially when I was trying to be loyal to BM and my MC was like “omg, Lucky is so hot omg”).

How about you guys?


I agree with the pushing of Black Magic and Lucky. I didn’t mind Black Magic until he became so dependent on the MC and needy, but it wasn’t like I had a choice to back out. And then Lucky just kinda sprung up and I didn’t like how fast that took off. So in the end I kinda felt forced either way, specially with Black Magic’s personality of ‘it’s me or him’. Personal romantic rants lol :sweat_smile:

I think I’m with you, I kinda wanted Rebellion to be an option because, personally, that would’ve been a great way to go with how Rebellion switched up again and again on you. And though he was already a romance, I kinda wished Jury was done a bit better, I know it happened at the last minute but that was just . . . ugh lol!


I’m also going to have to agree with Rebellion being the choice I wanted. It would have made a lot of important scenes even more interesting too. Black Magic didn’t really do it for me and Lucky was ok. I ended up with Jenny in the end tho, but would have went for Rebellion given the opportunity.


Rebellion would have been a great addition(especially with all the betrayal later on :wink: ) though the Romance I really wanted was to romance Jenny as a straight male…

Ah, the comments in this topic reawakened my love for the Rebellion x MC pairing that was never meant to be. :sob:
When I first started playing the game I was convinced rebellion would be a LI at some point (if not in part 1 , then in part 2 and after the whole ‘special LI’ foreshadowing before the launcing of part 3, I was sure it would be Rebelllion).

Anyway from one of the very first scenes in part 1 I thought Rebellion was going to be romanceable. When MC is looking at the posters above their bed, Rebellion is one of the options you can pick.You could also pick Black Magic, which I thought of as the general crush as opposed to Rebelion’s ‘I want senpai to notice me’ vibe. I thought of MC as the kouhai-with-a-crush and Rebellion as the dense senpai.
During the introduction scene in the Millenium Tower I thought you would get an option to spent time with Rebellion and see whatever they do when they aren’t punching baddies. No such luck…
Then during part 1’s final battle you could not call Rebellion to ask for help (much sadness for me :cry:)

So part 1 had a few nice set-ups but nothing ever came of it. Then came part 2 were Rebellion was one of the judges and I hopes for a chance to ‘get senpai to notice me’ by trying to charm the judges (and get Rebellion to maybe question their attraction to a certain participant). Alas no luck here either. Then there was the behind the scenes scene were Rebellion wanted to talk to you in private (will something finally happen? Did I impress senpai :heart:? Again nothing romantic happened…

So my final oppertunity would be during the third part, and with all the added foe yay from part 2 I was really expecting something grand. The fights between MC and Rebellion were pure foe yay fuel in my opinion, but nothing ever came of it, again. Not even an awkward confession when Rebellion looks you in the eyes and sees your words to be the truth, I mean it was straight out of a romance novel. ‘Looking deep into your beloved eyes and seeing nothing but pure affection in them’ or something like that.

So that left me with the epilogue. My MC became the next head of the Millenium group, it would’ve been nice if Rebellion came to visit you and be all nostalgic about being the former leader, etc. I guess the pairing was just not meant to be, but fear not, they’ll live on in my thoughts.:sweat_smile:


This is super trashy of me but I would’ve love to at least get to know Summit better.

I know Summit is a total asshole but between the other bigots in the Hero’s Project I liked him way more than Inherit. Sure he was meaner than Inherit but his desire for fairness isn’t really a bad thing. Plus the fact that he was with Heela really makes me wonder about him. Was being dumped by Heela the thing that made him such an anti-powered asshole or was he that way before and Heela just got past it? Plus I think non-powered heros are kinda awesome and it’s a shame all of them but Jenny are assholes.

I think a romance with him would’ve at least been interesting. We know he’s not totally opposed to dating someone who is powered so it could’ve maybe happened? :sweat_smile: It would’ve at least been neat to get to know more about him. Even a scene like we got with the Crush where we just talk would’ve been enough for me.

I’d have liked the Jury relationship written consistently, with us being allowed to banter/flirt throughout the games. I’d have liked the option not to hit Jury. I’d have liked the choice not to hate him, because I only ever found him annoying and amusing.

I was somewhat frustrated that the relationships seem to reset between games. You can finish the first Heroes Rise being in a relationship with Jenny, but by the second it feels reset. and then reset again, as if the events of the previous games didn’t matter so much. Same as with Black Magic, despite being really into you in the first game, in the second one you’ve not seen them in a while.

I’d have liked Lucky to be more than just the Black Magic relationship. They felt really flat to me. I was never that invested.

You’d better not be calling Jury an asshole! :stuck_out_tongue: (Okay he is an asshole but still.)

Why didn’t we have a crush on Crush? We should have! And I’d suggest Jennifer Paige’s song Crush as our song! Because totally appropriate. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure Crush loves pop music.


I would love to have that option too. No matter what you do you have to knock him out and that’s just a shame to me. I would’ve loved the option to work together with him or even just send him off on the wrong trail. Even though, when you think about it, Jury might’ve died if you didn’t stop him. If he was the one who found the Gravital and Prodigal I don’t think she would’ve thought twice when it came to killing him. So when you think about it that way we saved his life and all we get out of it is him hating our guts.

It really seems like the Jury romance was just tacked on during the third game. I mean it feels that was with the Prodigal romance too but that makes sense since she’s only really a huge part of the third game. We got to see Jury a lot in the first two games and we hardly see him in the third game but that’s the game we get to romance him in? That ain’t right. I would’ve loved to have something during the Hero’s Project… I blame Inherit, the man-stealing ass.


I feel like the prodigal romance is undercut by her death (which is why I accept @FairyGodfeather’s version of events as canon.) and Jury’s by him breaking up with your character before the redemption season. The Romances with Black Magic and Lucky don’t really fit too well into herofall, but with all the main story that’s going on there isn’t much room left for any romance. As for the new game I can’t do my character’s romance until the season is over.


Aye, gonna throw my hat in with the MCxRebellion shippers. I was really hoping for it, especially since it would have been nice to have a RO who’s a bit older than the MC.


On my second playthrough of hero rise trilogy I played as a girl that likes other girls (cause I am a dude) and I liked the Jenny Yu (is that correct?) the most. The way the sexual tention was written you could cut it with a butter knife.

The MCxRebelliin pairing is one I found myself longing for throughout each book, but, as you are aware, it didn’t happen. I consoled myself with the fact that my ProdigalxMC dreams became canon in the end. I like to imagine that they fell in love while Prodigal masqueraded Sparrow though. The eventual betrayal would have meant more, in my opinion. Especially since Sparrow was never fully trusted by my MC. The Battle of the Fringes would have been filled with tons of sexual frustration and angst!

You think that’s trashy… The character I wished was a romance option was Madame Vice. XD I really didn’t care for Heroes Rise though so I never did try the other games. That may be why I can’t understand the love for Prodigal. In the first game she’s just a cliche psycho bad guy with plot manipulation powers.


You would have to play through the other ones to understand. I think she is a very good RO.

Little Jagged. I’ve mentioned my fascination with her elsewhere. Now that she’s nominally on the same side I’m hoping to get to know her better, if she gives me a chance and doesn’t default to seducing or throwing glass shards at me.

Oh, and I was intrigued by the Crush. The game gives me an enigmatic killer and doesn’t let me flirt with him? Cruel and unusual. :cry:


@Sashira I’m really curious why you “liked” my previous post…

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It was a +1 to Madam Vice as interesting, I’m a known Prodigal fan.

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I see. Yeah, I mean, of course there’s the aspect of her descriptions all being quite provocative, at least to me, but beyond that she’s the type of character who’s often used as a villain without ever really being explored in any real detail as a person. I suppose the super sexualized villainess type was never designed to be any deeper than that, that just makes actually trying to add depth to a character like that all the more interesting of a subversion. If you look at her as a human being… she’s a woman who’s got this super human power of seductiveness. Given the fucked up way society looks at sexuality and female sexuality in particular that’s got to have had some extremely serious repercussions for her throughout her life. Still, she managed to make a place of power for herself in the criminal underworld.


I wanted Madame Vice too :P, wouldnt have minded being seduced by her and done her bidding. But whatever.

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I think it’d be interesting to see if the Person you didn’t choone in the original hero Project and still didn’t choose in herofall would be an avaliable romance option

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