The Hero Project Redemption Season Romance?


What are the Romance Interest in Redemption Season



While the MC from the old trilogy can be loaded into THP, they are only mentioned in passing. I don’t know what happens to Lucky should your old MC have hooked up with them, but if you hooked up with Jury the author gives you the finger and mocks you for it, having Jury have broken up with you for a 40+ year old.
The ROs for the new MC are a wannabe-feminist whose only job in the game it is to die, and a blind person whose gender is AGAIN determined by your sexuality. The author backpaddled in terms of Jury for the next game, though, promising now that the new MC and enter a polyship with him and the old MC…

Like, really, Sergi, if you hate Jury that much, FFS, stop trying to please the fans (while simultaneously mocking them for liking him) and just kill him off. tableflip


There’s a few romances that can start in RS: StarSoar, Transfer, Weaver, Miss Boss, and I think Griffin. The author hinted at a few for the next book Jury and possibly Little Jagged.

As far as character I’m wanting to romance I personally would like to romance the Bear or even Summit.


You also get the opportunity to express interest in Crystalline, but it’s unclear whether anything could come of it given she gets with Ignite.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s been with me on this campaign, I could not have kicked up nearly this much of a stink without the unwavering support of all the people who didn’t unfollow me over never shutting up about this


I think in terms of the old MC if they ended up with either Black Magic, Lucky, or Jenny then they are engaged to them in RS.


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Now now… chair flipping is much more efficient - more can be flipped in a duration and it tends to annoy people more than simply flipping their table.


Shush. I’m good at table flipping.


and I’m great at chair flipping… might I suggest an alliance?


Fine with me.
But back on topic. well, mostly.
Dear writers, please, if you are writing a CS-based game and readers ask you to turn character X into a RO, please. If you don’t want to/don’t feel well/comfortable with it, SAY IT.
Put your foot down and say
’happy to see you like this character, but I don’t have plans of turning them into a RO, nor do i feel well with the idea. You’re 100% free to write fanfic, but they won’t be a canonical RO.’


Out of curiosity …Any chance Prodigal be revive in the latest book? someone mention original protagonist of Hero Rise will have some story in the latest book?


The author hasn’t really mentioned anything with Prodigal, at least I don’t think so, but considering how popular she is I wouldn’t be surprised that something comes up considering her. He’s pretty nice about responding on Twitter so you could ask him there.


That’s why i am wondering, if the author is giving a 2nd Romance chance to Jury … why can’t Prodigal be given a chance as well :smile: I will be surprise if Prodigal fans aren’t asking him already …

maybe i can ask him in Facebook since i don’t play twitter :smile:

thanks for the advice …


I would love it if it were possible to somehow put the MC of the first trilogy as a possible romantic option… considering my MC ended up alone in the first trilogy.


sergi said it’d be possible but so far i havent found a way during beta. Even when the old mc ended up with jury or pg i didnt get an option to mindlessly swoon over them (not my wording, but what sergi has the new mc do if you want to start a thing at least with jury. No other option but the “hes so hot” will lead to hooking up…


I don’t recall him saying that it was possible for the new MC to date the Orginal MC. Where did he say that?


Twitter. Was a while ago


I have absolutely no interest in romance during redemption season. It’s all so fake. My goal is to become the greatest crime Lord in anipowered history and convince JK to join the dark side.

ALSO this is not a goal but a curse; Fuck Weaver playing through as her and being told point blank to manipulate me? I’m going to put a talon through her heart first chance I get.


I’m absolutely here for that love triangle. Just to see how it plays out.


Oh, I assumed he meant more along the lines of both the new MC and old MC wanting to get with Jury thing.