New 2 series: romance options

Hello and thanks for clicking on this topic. I have played the first Heroes Rise game and went with the option of Black Magic. However, after finding out his secret I do not like him AT ALL. I would like to know if there is a way to make it where from the start you are not interested/nor have a crush on Black Magic?

I play the justice hero part in the game. The typical ‘wanna be a hero’ thing but I like it. So justice and saving people are what I like to do. With that said I also go the gay route (no bashing wanted). I don’t know if this limits the romance options.

BUT I want a different love interest BESIDES Black Magic. I don’t seem to see the option. I just now bought the other two games ( HeroFall and Hero Project). I don’t mind spoilers. At least romantic ones. I’ve looked at forms and chats and only see Prodigal and Jenny as one. I think I’ve seen someone called Lucky as one ( girl or guy?)

Anyway, basically what I would like to know is what options do I have in said future and can I avoid it being Black Magic?

Thanks to anyone who reads this!!

The romance options for the Heroes Rise series (at least the first three parts) are:

  • Black magic (gender-swaps based on preference)
  • Jenny
  • Prodigal
  • Lucky (gender-swaps based on preference)
  • Jury

It is possible to not show any interest in Black Magic at all, and end up never dating him/her at all, but for some reason the game assumes that you have a crush on him/her anyway and know his/her secret. (Which is pretty darn annoying if you ask me.)

Unfortunately for those who don’t care for the character, Black Magic is the only love interest available in the first installment of the trilogy. You don’t have to act on your attraction, but you can’t really change how you feel at the beginning.

In part 2, you can go with Black Magic, Lucky, or Jenny, and as @Cecilia_Rosewood has pointed out, Lucky is whatever sex you prefer. Jenny on the other hand is always female, and is only open to a same-sex relationship.

In part 3, In addition to the others, Prodigal and Jury also become romance options.

Black Magic obviously has a few screws lose because of a messed up past. I kinda felt pity for her/him, especially by the third game.

You can reject her advances and deny any attraction to her when prompted, do it enough and maybe there’s a slim chance to resist her/him seducing you.

Lucky becomes available in the second game and she/he is the opposite of Magic, if you’re still with Magic by this time there’s quite an amusing love triangle.

As the @P_Tigras stated, Jenny, Jury and Prodigal become options by the third game.

Personally, Lucky and Magic were my endgame romances (Lucky for my female hero and Magic for my male hero). Jenny was my best friend but I didn’t feel any closer connection than that, Prodigal was more of an unlikely friend and I just punched Jury at every given opportunity.

I have to agree with @Cecilia_Rosewood on the MC’s attraction to Magic, it got annoying that at anytime our hero would drool over them and hump their leg even after everything they do. I wish there was a moment that after meeting Magic in person, you can no longer find them attractive. The ‘never meet your idols, they’re never as great as they sound’, Black Magic was EXACTLY that in the first and second games. I only felt for them after learning of the blackmail theory and how broken they become in the final game.

Thanks everyone for replying. I appreciate it

Blackmail theory? I haven’t finished the third game (only up to the part where they appear [SPOILER] going by the route where BM gets kicked out of The Hero Project [END SPOILER]), but is there a fan theory about them?

Just finish the game before asking about things like that. We wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you.

Ah, okay. Sorry. I wasn’t sure if it was something that would be a spoiler without the 3rd game.

Yeah finish all three games before I explain the theory. It gives you some insight on elements in the Hero Project and some consequences in the third game