Black Magic in Prodigy Question

So if this already a much older topic, sorry, but it’s a wee bit time consuming to go through 50+ posts trying to find a possible answer…sorry in advance!

Anyway, so I was re-playing Prodigy (first game) and I decided to have a good relationship with Black Magic. Thing is, I don’t fancy romancing them because I’m after someone else. Is it possible to not end up with 1% relationship with Black Magic by rejecting to have sex with them? Or is that just a set thing?

I tried the same on my last play through alas I have found no way to have a ‘platonic relationship’ with Black at least not till hero fall

Rats. Alright. Thank you!

She likes you fine if you’re in the Popular faction of The Hero Project, then support her if/when her secret comes out.

I’m not positive, but I think that’s the first time in the trilogy you can get pretty close to her without dating her.

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