Do we get answers? And what about the connection?


If any of you guys have seen my posts in this category before, then you know I’m in love with Black Magic. xD

I played HeroFall once yesterday with BM as the LI (of course). I really felt for him and was happy I managed to sort him out and not have him go completely whacko at everyone. One thing that bugged me was, do we ever get those answers? If you guys remember, in Prodigy, we have the opportunity to ask BM a question. The one that sticks out in my mind is, ‘Why do you look so much like [crush]?’ and he neatly side-steps your question. I’ve always been curious about the answer to that one. It almost feels like there had been an answer but it was all forgotten about.

And since the end of Prodigy, the relationship with Black Magic just hasn’t felt the same. In the first game, you’re meant to feel this connection with him, which goes out the window in Hero Project. Thankfully, BM does feel more ‘right’ in HeroFall, but at the same time, there doesn’t seem to be that same connection, like when he disappears. By the way, I get why he disappeared.

I got a happy ending. I just about died when Black Magic told Rush he loved her. :slight_smile:


Black Magic’s my favourite too.

Do you have access to facebook? If so you should go to the Heroes Rise page and ask those questions there. Zachary said he was going to expand on some endings possibly. I’d forgotten all about that question.

My theory was that Black Magic had a secondary power, much like Prodigal had. But rather than appearing dead, Black Magic appeared to be super-sexy just like someone else.

It seemed odd that a character who was an orphan, with no family of their own to look after them, had this “must be a descendant” thing going on.


Yay, another Black Magic fan! :smiley:

I like your theory. I liked your idea about Prodigal in another thread, too. I’m not sure if I want to do the Prodigal romance…I don’t really see it. :-/

Maybe I will post the questions on the FB page. :slight_smile:


Team Black Magic, yay. :wink:
I’m also a Black Magic fan although i wish there would have been more background Information about Black Magic just as said above… also I kind of expected a better explanation of why Black Magic acted so irrational during the Hero Project part… but maybe that’s just me :slight_smile:
The relationship didn’t seem so deep like it was in Heroes Rise and it would have been great to find a way to rebuild it again somehow… but anyway I still enjoyed playing the games a lot. :slight_smile:
@ErinRosado And I really hope you can find out an answer.^^


@FinalFantasyFreak Yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for, too! There had to be a reason for the sudden change in BM’s demeanour on the Hero Project.

I posted the question about BM looking like whoever you put as your crush. I didn’t want to post all my Black Magic questions because I didn’t want to bombard them/come off as some insane fangirl. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad I’m not the only one who had the same thoughts and feelings.


@ErinRosado Haha i guess we’re both insane fangirls then :wink:
Because i know exactly how you feel.^^

I was already starting to wonder if i’m the only one wondering about Black Magic when everyone else seems so much into the Prodigal and Lucky romance :slight_smile:

There should have really been a better ending… with all the answers so it just feels like a real Happy End :slight_smile:
But hopefully we can still manage to get our answers from the fb page :wink:


@FinalFantasyFreak Black Magic fangirls FTW! (I wonder what his girl name is…I might play as a guy to find out…)

I never really cared for Lucky…I feel a little mean about that, like I’m kicking a puppy. And I just don’t see it with Prodigal, I’m sorry. I’ll be interested to do a Jenny playthrough with the trilogy, when I feel like it again.

Yeah, definitely. Funnily, before I made this topic, I ‘liked’ the Heroes Rise page on Facebook, but didn’t think to ask my questions there.


Post all of your questions over there, they won’t mind. They might not be answered, but it does actually help authors to know that you love their story and characters so much. Your questions are good ones.

I’ve armchair diagnosed Black Magic with borderline personality disorder, which I think fits with their behaviour in all three games as well as giving explanation for some of their more irrational behaviour, like the flaming booty call.

I do also think there was something going on behind the scenes with the Hero Project. Black Magic knew that we weren’t the one who leaked their secret. They were betrayed by someone. I think they were either being blackmailed throughout, or they were just more susceptible to the show’s manipulations by Rex and their own producers.


@FairyGodfeather Exactly, I decided he was being pushed in a certain direction like the MC.


I already tested all sort of paths and playthroughs because I was too curious too find out something new. :wink:
Black Magic’s Girl name is Lucia :wink:

It was the same with me… I mean I really don’t mind Lucky but I didn’t find the character appealing enough to me compared to Black Magic :wink:
And Prodigal was pretty cool especially after we got to know the story… but as I said… I just couldn’t betray Black Magic :wink:
I guess I could give it a try with the Jenny romance playthrough but ah well… Maybe next time. :wink:

I posted my question on the fb page as well, so we have to wait and see. :slight_smile:


@FinalFantasyFreak Eh, I prefer Lucas. I can’t imagine BM as a girl though. I guess as a guy he’s so masculine and…phwoar.

Lucky is bland in comparison even though in the Hero Project he’s the “good guy”. And exactly, I can’t betray BM. Once I was playing with the intention of going for a Jenny route, and I ended up with Black Magic…The allure is too much!

Ooh, what did you ask? :slight_smile:


I thought i just give it a try otherwise this question will always keep bothering me. :slight_smile:
I said that there was never a real explanation why Black Magic acted so different during the Hero Project and hope to find out the answer :slight_smile:
That were exactly my thoughts… it seems weird just trying to explain Black Magic’s behaviour as selfish… I mean it was just crazy and either the split personality or the blackmail thing wouls make a way better explanation. :slight_smile:


Borderline personality disorder isn’t about a split personality, it’s also called emotionally unstable personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder is a serious mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships. It often comes with a history of childhood abuse/neglect.

I think it’s an explanation for the way that Black Magic’s so very much “you’re either with me or against me” has very poor impulse control, is so desperate for approval, and has only one real friend.

Heh! But it’s just a theory and I seriously doubt that Black Magic was actually written with that in mind. I know the game did call Black Magic crazy at points (at least in the beta, I’m not sure in this version). I was rather opposed to that, as well as the idea of being zapped could make Black Magic ‘better’. I seem to recall sending a rather long “send Black Magic to a psychiatrist and get some proper treatment” feedback during the beta test. I thought Black Magic was in definite need of some therapy and should be helping themselves first and foremost. Of course, I could likely internet diagnose (with the help of Dr Wikipedia) a bunch of superheroes from comics too.


I’m sorry I should have looked more into the differences between a split personality or borderline personality disorder before posting…
It wasn’t meant offensive at all but it’s just so pretty hard to understand what’s going on in Black Magic’s mind.
I know it was just a theory of yours but i guess we might eventually get an answer if my post on the herofall page will get a reply :slight_smile:



I wasn’t offended. I actually made the same mistake when I first heard of BPD (and that was even more embarrassing since it was in real life to a person who had just revealed they’d been diagnosed with it).

I’m actually hoping that we’ll get the answer in game as opposed to on facebook with an update with new content.


@FairyGodfeather I really enjoy reading your theories and insights. And while it would be lovely to get an in-game answer, I would probably take anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally got an answer to my question via fb from Heroes Rise.

“The Hero Project was a pressure cooker and Black Magic was facing a lot. Though maybe he/she was just showing true colors as you got to know Black Magic…”

But to be honest I’m not quite happy about this explanation still… It seems weird that the behaviour of Black Magic changes so much from all lovey-dovey and then this breaking up threat, just because she/he is under much pressure… but if that is how it is then… well. :slight_smile:


I like Black Magic’s character too, she was a broken beautiful women who was seeking love and affection from someone who loved her for who she was. I romanced BM in Hero Fall my third play-through (I prefer being with Jenny and Prodigal). My MC sympathize BM because she was so valuable and I wanted to show her love that she never had before. It did piss me off that she left me hanging after we made out on the beach. But I knew she was coming back so it didn’t bother me. And when she said she loved me made me smile more than Lucky saying it.

I just wished I was engaged to Black Magic at the end of Hero Fall, its funny how I was engaged with Jenny my first play-through.

So who did your Black Magic look like?

Mind was Scarlett Johansson


Black Magic comes on really heavily, really soon, barely knowing you they give you a ridiculously expensive gift, they throw themselves at you, they message you countless times. Then you find out their secret, you reject them (even if it’s only until you come to terms with the secret) and the bubble bursts. I do think that intense feelings fit with my internet diagnosis. The whole “you’re with me or against me” with absolutely no in between.

I do think Black Magic needs to be in control since they’ve had so little control of anything else in their life. They test you constantly just to be sure you really are to be trusted, that you’re safe, you’ll stand by them, not let them down.

I always make Black Magic look like themselves. :slight_smile: Yes, I type Black Magic into that box. :slight_smile: I don’t know, I just like the idea of them being themselves and not anyone else and to me it’s important that I don’t want them to be some actor or someone else I like, I just want Black Magic.


I have to say I really like your theory way better than the actual explanation :wink:
It would finally make sense. :slight_smile:
That is such a sweet thing to do in typing in just Black Magic.^^

I really hope there will be more romance related games :slight_smile: