Heroes Rise: Romance *Spoilers*


I honestly don’t know how big this is but I was wondering if there will be more than just Black Magic in the upcoming sequel to Heroes Rise. I also thought about Prodigal becoming good and helping and maybe, just maybe, be a romance option. Purely speculation and opinion but would like some insight.


Considering Prodigal is either dead or in a maximum security powered prison (like your parents) I doubt that will happen.


@WolfieGrey Well Mayor Victon may release Prodigal as torment or to spite the MC and if Prodigals dead then maybe he’ll get another one that your parents put away. You never know.


I strongly doubt he has the power to do that and it was never confirmed that he knew about her to begin with. Prodigal is dealt with and gone. If anything you should be looking at smythers(?) resurrection or (hopefully) a new villain. Seeing how the game is titled “the hero project” I would assume there may be some new people that get introduced.


No doubt about that but still throwing that in could be interesting. The banter would be hilarious.


Well lets hope that the squeal will be better.


@Aznxa I’m sure it will be given they were able to learn their mistakes and, hopefully, correct them. No offense to them though it’s still a great game.


Hopefully they will have learned from their mistakes, yes, though I’ll reserve judgment until I see the reviews.


Anyone else want a little Jury love?

I did not like Blackmagic, when I ask him to save innocent civilians from being killed from Prodigal this is practically his response.

“Nah girl we didn’t have sex sooooo nope”

Plus I wanted to go with the Vigilante route and be apart of a ‘Watchmen’ like crew instead of a attention seeking hero team.


I only want that the choices matter the first doesn’t have more than fake choices and black magic is a total waste character if there is a posibility of become bad or more intelligent than in the first but I doubt about a improvement from the first part


@MaraJade Fake choices are an issue and I really wish that you could have more of a personlised story, plus being a villian is my favorite part.


"Plus I wanted to go with the Vigilante route and be apart of a ‘Watchmen’ like crew instead of a attention seeking hero team. "
Watchmen is THE attention seeking hero team.


@loelet True, but I felt like the team in Heroes rise was too linear. The Watchmen did seek out attention, but the comics really did put out some really contreversial issues and really challenged morale. Heroes rise didn’t really give you that Hero feel, sorry if my comment came off wrong!


Can’t say I felt like going for any Jury love, myself. If his abusive personality weren’t enough, he’s probably also got herpes (note the cold sore on his lip). Choice of STDs doesn’t really appeal. :slight_smile:


I enjoyed my playthrough of Heroes Rise, the romance with Black Magic didn’t bother me as much as it seems to have bothered others. The only thing I didn’t like is the limited choices on your powers, I’d like to have more of a choice on what your hero could do.



An old friend of mine has spoken several times over the past three or four years about writing a game for us called “Choice of the Douchbag”. In this game, you are a dude trying to sleep with chicks. The only character generation question you get asked is what race you are: black, white, Asian, Armenian (said friend is Armenian), some others.

This one question determines: number of brain cells (from 1 to 5), income, penis size, and amount of back hair.

He never did address the issue of STDs. Next time I see him, I’ll have to point that out.

NB: For obvious reasons, we would never actually approve of a COG with such a premise, but from a totally inappropriate standpoint, the idea continues to tickle me.


The mind boggles.


@jasonstevanhill well you know what sex sells lol I’d buy it.


@jasonstevanhill Mayhaps you would be more willing to go for a ‘Choice of the Inquisitor’, in which you track down the MC from Choice of the Douchebag and break him on the wheel.


Now there’s a game I can get behind. But it would be too short… MC Douchebag’s neuronal complement (wherever it falls in the posited range) would be unlikely to keep him out of the Inquisitor’s hands for long.

But wait – we could extend it by sending the Inquisitor after wrong-thinking forum members! Especially those prone to irony. What do you think?