Will there ever be a sequel?

It might be interesting if there were. Maybe just a similar game, or a game set in the same Universe might be nice.

I might be wrong but im pretty sure choice of the villain will be similar

No, Choice of the Villain is completely unrelated.

We’re in negotiations right now with Zachary Sergi to commission a sequel to Heroes Rise.

There were so many loose ends at the end. It was such a good story but, I want to see if anything happens with the Sound and the Fury, I want to see more of Black Magic, and after Madam Vice’s death I want to know what comes of the splice group. Also I want to see what happens between us and the Victons. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad this isn’t about COTV2…that wouldve pissed me off


Where is COTV2???

choice of the vampire?

@Player Jason is actually working on right now I think.



I enjoyed Heroes Rise, but I do think a few improvements could be made for a sequel. I think the player should be able to have a bit more control over the plot. And maybe more than one choice of love interest would be nice.

I’ve just heard that there will indeed be a sequel in the works, and that people who have the original Heroes Rise can now save their games in preparation for it. Like many players, I’ve also noticed some definite issues with railroading in the original game, so I’m strongly hoping this sequel will allow us more choices that will actually affect what happens in the story, instead of the purely cosmetic choices in some parts of the original.

And, on a more personal note, part of me is hoping that Jury gets kidnapped or otherwise ends up in trouble, if only because I would LOVE the opportunity to make Mayor Victon do some serious begging/ass-kissing to try to convince my heroine to rescue Jury. I don’t really have anything against Jury himself, since he was more of a rich brat than anything else and could easily mature as a character over the course of the sequel, but his dad was an incorrigible asshole throughout, so being able to really humble Mayor Victon would be satisfying for me on so many levels.

screw that i prob would be the one to kidnap jury just to tourment mayor
maybe cut off an ear or finger and send it to him :slight_smile:

Right now Zachary’s contract is in the hands of his agent; hopefully he start working on the sequel soon.

On a related note, the 1.1 patch addressed some of the railroading (not a lot, but some); curious to know what you think. And yes, the 1.1 patch does have a savegame system implemented, in preparation for the sequel.

If the sequel does come out will it end on a cliff hangar like the first Heros Rise or will we be able to play it fully on here?

Nice. I really enjoyed this story. I would prefer more choices but I do not mind the more linear style. I didn’t realize a patch was released. Looks like I will have to start another play through.

Hi, I bought Heroes rise for Google chrome but i don’t have a saved system?(would be helpful when i and my sibling wish to play at the same time)

I agree that more love interests would be nice @Amazon I also think that would be good too especially i’d find it very interesting if jury falls in love with the mc and trys to date them (who kows maybe it would be funny or cute even)

Well if you’re playing female you can romance your agent, the delightful Jenny.

I want to see myself turn into a villain >:-)