Heroes Rise Trilogy Appreciation Post (Spoilers)

After waiting since 5am for the release on the Choice of Game website for HeroFall, I have to say, it lived up to the hype. The author, Zachary Sergi pumped out a better game each time, taking the criticisms of the first game (railroading chief among them) to create a much more diverse Hero Project. And then HeroFall, which I’m still tingling from. I just finished two playthroughs of the game (Black Magic and Lucky saves :D) and I am just blown away at the quality.

The biggest complaint I really have about the game is that it is too easy to achieve perfect everything, but if the problem with a story based game is the gameplay is too easy… That’s a great note for the story.

My first playthrough, I thought I was being a cheeky little asshole when I just scoffed at Jury pulling the depower gun on Jenny. I actually legitimately cried when I realized what I did, and was genuinely freaking out when I subsequently replayed the scene about 5 different times on my Lucky run (never being patient enough to figure out it is possible for her to live and just seeing her get shot. :P)

The final scenes were absolutely amazing, and it was great to see all of the redemption stories. Jury showing that there was something in this world that would make him reconsider his path in life, Prodigal’s redemption story and becoming a martyr and icon for the downtrodden, Black Magic coming back from his/her scandal and re-evaluating life in general and deciding to make a true and positive difference in the world both in the final confrontation and afterwards, and of course GG showing the world that heroism isn’t determined by whether or not you have powers. Wintry, Fistfull, and Rebellion all deserve mention here as well. Animosity and past differences aside, they came through in the end. I wish I could learn more of Fistfull’s in particular. So many unanswered questions. How long had Rebellion been offering other heroes the Pump? Was he always corrupt and the icon image just that - an image that my MC and many other children idolized? When did things start turning illicit? How did the Processor not find out?

People complained about how flat the characters were in some of the previous games, but I honestly was enthralled with the character development they got to close it all out. GG blamed himself (in my opinion) entirely too much for his negligible role in the Hero Project fiasco, and was so worried about ‘making it up’ to the MC that I legitimately felt bad for the poor guy. Really the only quibble I have is that some characters (Mach Girl and the other Hero Project contestants, namely) seem to only be mentioned once in the final fight. I’d’ve liked to know how the heroes who so gallantly helped my main character in his time of need turned out in the aftermath - similar to how the Hero Project did it. But I’m guessing I’ll have to wait until The Hero Project 2 for those questions to be answered - which is all well and good because it means I get to see them again!

Zachary Sergi, thank you so much for creating my favorite Choose Your Own Adventure series on the net. The little things that show your attention to detail really made me the happiest to read (the note about Lucky being the most selfless hero the MC has met comes to mind immediately, and the mention of the most unwelcome place for the Hero Project housing the teleport device had me jumping out of my seat in joy that I could go back to the Millennial Tower.) I look forward to reading your next series here on Choice of Games, and I’m beyond ecstatic that at some point the Heroes Rise universe will receive another entry! I truly hope other Risers enjoyed the ride as much as I did so far - I’m just grateful I was lucky enough to be along for the ride!

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BTW the BM ending is awesome!

@FairyGodfeather, re: the unholy trinity, isn’t Black Magic also an option? Or was that just in beta?


Yeah, I completely agree, the whole CYOA was great overall but the fact that no matter what you can’t save Prodigal is really… frustrating.

She was in my opinion the best character in the entire series (or at least in the last installment).

Honestly, while I enjoyed it, Prodigal dying prevents any ending from being perfect. T_T

I don’t know if you’ve seen the show RWBY, but it’s opening track “This Will Be The Day” seems to fit so much with Herofall.

Ah, man. While fighting in the Devoid, just having that blasting in the background. Felt so epic, you know?

Overall it is a very good series. And hell, my hero was pretty good character.

Agreed, This game got better and better with each installment.

My favorite interactive novel period. xD Need more! :smiley:

I just love the overall story. Of course me sticking to loveinterest Jenny and Prodigal makes, this a hell of a ride, I mean only at the third game u get sugar from them. It feels like an achievement, which sounds really misoginistic :P.
But they are all so adorable. Also they both look out for you each in their own special ways.
Still need to figure out how to catch the bullet, I mean on steam nobody got “Martyr”, is that a troll achievment torturing me to find a way, not to be saved by Prodigal, who is the most awsome Batman ever:P, she pulls of “the dark knight rises”, without making Alfred look a moron for attending the funeral.
With her only murder I know of beeing by my command, I mean going nuklear dealing the Splice Circle was kinda justifyed, considering poor Sonja -.-, who could ever doubt Sparrow, right chicken? :P.
It’s like Steins Gate trying again and again with ultimatly the same conclusion regardless of which other chars I try to Sacrifice.

I spent the last two evenings in bed with my iPad, a glass of wine, and HeroFall. My husband’s probably starting to suspect something, haha! It’s brilliant. I really enjoyed the hidden alternate ending as well! I can’t wait to discover more. :smiley:

P.S. Brian, <3 Garrus!

@Saerise what is the hidden alternate ending?

@JCury If Prodigal doesn’t take the hit for you, you die and get an alternative ending.

@jcury There’s also one that involves Black Magic’s godlike power levels. I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to share about it. I was quite surprised by it. Definitely wasn’t expecting it. You need a high unleash level to get to it, though.

o thanks guys, have to try to get them both

Damn, I selected all the negative choices regarding prodigal and she still came, I even didn’t invite her to the last battle when uploading the video.
Any help?

Probably a silly question but I’m on the blessed vessel and I can’t correctly answer this question identifying one of the unholy infini trinity. Help, please?

Remember the painting you might have seen in Meek HQ earlier, depicting the Powered Heroes they demonized? There were three there other than you.

Prodigal or The Crush or your hero name. It is case sensitive

The only thing that keeps the ending from being perfect is that there’s no way to save Prodigal. She really grew on me in the end. :frowning:

Just completed first playthrough of the trilogy, and I really applaud the brilliant characters and story.

I feel the most for Jenny Yu (perhaps my favorite character, ever), this ‘background’ character who then tried to do heroing in Hero Project, I really was dismissive of her efforts since I really thought she’s an amateur who does not matter, I even sold her out.
By the end of Hero Fall, I’ve come to realization that it’s actually me who keep fxxkin things up left and right, and it’s Jenny who will always be the true hero, despite her death.

Favorite scene: When Black Magic goes psycho angry-murder, blaming me for everything, I instead scolded her for being selfish. I really thought: well this is it, I provoked a psycho bitch, when I’m near death myself… now I’m dead.
It’s pleasant surprise that actually my ‘reckless rebuke’ turns out to good for her, and my MC too.

I’m actually a little surprised (and disappointed) that I ended Herofall still as a Hero, though a most notoriously feared one. After Hero Project and by middle of Hero Fall, my MC is so psychologically scarred and damaged that he becomes a murderous revenge machine intent on killing just about anyone who dare get in the way. It’s indeed my “herofall”.
At conclusion of story with my revenge complete, I fully expected to be executed for my crimes or be imprisoned in Devoid serving a life sentence, a price I was totally willing to pay given my revenge-murder mission.
So I’m a little surprised that I still turn out OK in the end.

The “going super saiyan” at the end is rather cheesy as well. I half thought that must be me going into “kamikaze” mode, with all that hate driving me.
Still it makes a good story though.

Thank you, author Zachary Sergi, for such excellent deeply engrossing story.

One idea here:
the first trilogy’s been told from point of view of an amateur powered hero who eventually evolved to be a the most powerful powered hero in the world.
So perhaps one idea is to tell another set of story, from point of view of an unPowered hero, a regular guy/gal who tries to compete, and perhaps be great hero too, trying for accomplishments that could rival even great powered heroes?
Like… I’ve enjoyed playing as Superman / Magneto.
But now I kinda want to play as Batman / Punisher.

Looking forward for more Heroes Rise story!

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