HEROES RISE: The hero project review

I already download it but I don’t want give my opinion until replay it I hope don’t be the fake choice hero first game was of I would be very pissed.

I really liked this game. It felt longer and better than the first one and I thought the first one was pretty good. for some reason it released two days earlier on the windows store so I was able to play this on my flight and it really kept me engrossed. The only issue that I had was that I was unable to import my save since I only played the first one immediately after it released and never knew that so many changes were made to the first one where my save was no longer recognized.

I’ve only played the demo so far but I can’t get into it, I hate reality TV and mixing that with super heroes doesn’t especially gel for me. Anyway, least I know now it’s vastly different to my own super hero game idea.

I give it a 7 . Well written terribly railroading basically you only choose a path to win , You have follow a path since beginning or game punished hard . Problem game doesn’t give a clue if the choice is heroically or loyalist or only float no clue the diferent in choice is only a word!! Im not native, for me half choices are same if you have to follow a sly grade of meaning.

Fake choices still there but happily are less than 80 here are only a 40% . And there is romance variety sadly as stereotyped as first but here i couldn’t change the gender so if you are bi well sadly you are stick to black magic genre.

But is long and well written. And there are some hint or a freedom

I’m interested to know if it takes any of your stats from the previous game, or is it a sequel in name only?

It should take your stats, and remember a few basic things about what you did in the first game. I don’t actually have a save to test it out with though. It won’t make sense if you haven’t played the first game since it’s a direct continuation.

I liked the game when I was testing it. I thought there was more choice than the first one. It was enjoyable to play. Actually I was in a grumpy mood when I first played it, complained it was too depressing, and then played it a second time, and enjoyed it.

While I’ve bought the game, I’ve not played the full version yet.

Can anyone tell me about the in app purchases of the game and how they affect the game/story?

@Davo There are only two in-app things to get, which are a “warning system” for your health and power levels, which can be bought with in-game money if you import from the first game, and a “cheat sheet” type thing, that will tell you how to get the best possible score once you beat the game.

As for the game, I just finished the game all the way through, starting from the first game. I have to say this one is a ton better, and a ton longer. I’d say, conservatively, at least four times as long. At least it felt like it. There are a lot more choices for your character, although the game does seem to railroad a bit in places, though I don’t really mind because a lot of the flavor choices make the story fun even if you already know what’s going on. It should also be noted that there are a ton more twists and turns in this game than the first one, which I really liked.

All that said, you really need to choose a path and stick with it to go far in this game. I tried to stay neutral with everyone, save for my chosen romantic interest, and it really bit me in the end. Rather, it bit my character. I still enjoyed the ending, even if it was probably canonically ‘not good at all.’

Only other thing I have to say is that the sequel hook at the end has me wicked excited for the next game.

Since this is the second installment of the series and Hero Rise is my third favorite COG, I had some moderately high expectations. I can say I really, really liked this game.

The references to the first game felt organic, so that was nice. You also have considerably more freedom in this one, something I disliked the lack of in the first one. Failure and success are more determined by your choices than the screwjobs the last game forced you into. The universe does get expanded somewhat considerably. This story does a great job of developing old characters and introducing new ones. It introduces a large new cast very well (with an index to reference them). Some clever writing devices were used to keep the story from being too predictable.

The expanded universe makes me want to interact with it, however that isn’t really possible. The love interests are pretty poorly fleshed out. The story does guide somewhat more than I would like.

So So
The morality system seems a little … basic. Also the way the means you use are judged a little oddly. I like variety, not single minded dogma. What’s with the Reality TV scene in COG? It’s well executed but not my cup of tea (or rather glass of vodka). Also I predicted the final twist, really, really early. But I was so glad I was right so … I give it a pass.

Overall: 8/10
If you thought the first one was worth a purchase, then this is a no brainer. If you were on the fence for the first one I would encourage playing this one. If you disliked the first one, this one probably won’t salvage the series for you. Considering the unresolved situations and expanded universe only a catastrophe can derail the series from another installment, so until then I hope you enjoy your stay in Millenium City.

I’m going to yap a lot about spoilers, so… be warned.

-YAY I HAVE THE POWER BLOW THE ENTIRE WORLD UP. (I tend to play more heroic characters, but… it had to be said. And it was kind of fun biting my nails every time I used my powers.)

-The very, very helpful backstory stuff in the very, very helpful menu.

-It seemed like there were a lot more ways to go through the story- like the fact that I can voluntarily lose the competition at a certain point and still continue the story. The story isn’t in control of what you do, at least not to the point it was in the first game.


-I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, so… it was really, really strange and arbitrary to me the way people got so deeply invested in alliances and things. (Really, Black Magic? You’re going to dump me because I don’t support two random bozos from New York? And everybody turns on me en masse for making a split vote? Honestly, it was really weird in general how all the heroes divided so neatly into two teams- you’d think there’d be more in the way of split loyalties and personality conflicts.)

-I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t go for the romance plot, but… there really wasn’t much happening with Lucky. I thought he’d be more heavily involved in the plot because he kept getting rescued by the judges, or at least that he’d play the white knight after Black Magic started acting like a sleazebag, but… nope.

-Please, please say that the Evil Power Sucking Machine ending only pops up if you screwed up. I like the idea of my choices having horrible but interesting consequences. I don’t like the idea that I’d be railroaded into this if I managed to do everything more or less perfectly. Of course, the only way I can find out is to play again, and I’m perfectly happy to do that.

SPOLIERS. do you lose your powers either way or did I screw up at the end

I’ve been chomping at the bit to talk about this game since I beta-tested it awhile back. I disliked the original intensely, but I have to say that I loved the sequel. It doesn’t railroad you into playing an idiot the way the first one did. I felt more in control of both my character’s personality and his actions. I also got the feeling that the author really listened to the complaints about the previous installment and addressed them in the sequel. I’m thus fairly certain this will easily be CoG’s most successful CoG-branded game of the year, both because of the immense popularity of the genre, and even more importantly because of the quality of the story.

@CJW: It is my understanding that it takes all of the stats from the previous game, but I haven’t played it since the ability to load a previous game was added. The old variables are all there however, and several of them influence the game significantly. For example, who you saved, and who your sidekick was in part 1, both affect part 2.

WARNING: Major End of Game SPOILER Ahead:

@Natsu_Dragneel, @elementoflilium: You lose your powers either way, although the exact circumstances of how you get hit by that blast from the Infinity Regulator can vary. It sets up the next story by enabling Prodigal to approach you without your being able to attack her. It also apparently may force you to work with her in order to exonerate your parents.

Spoiler question: How does to the romance with Black Magic evolve itself during the game?



It doesn’t, not really. There’s one scene, where Black Magic pours their heart out and reveals their name and origin story. However, there’s at least one lie within what they tell you, and they’re doing it with a mind to the cameras. There’s not much progression on any of the romances.

Hmm I’m going to make a dedicated spoilers topic I think.

@Fairygodfeather. Thanks smart descision

@Peeehh Incidentally, that scene I described is one of my favourites of the game. But, if you’re playing solely to see the relationship progress I strongly suspect you’d be disappointed. It’s there, but there’s not as much as I’d like. There are some scenes though, Black Magic is part of the plot, and you might like it more than me.

wait… is there a new CoG?

Yep. Heroes Rise 2 is out. :slight_smile:

Just finished playing the game and was very sad to realise that I have to wait again for the next installment to come out. Why does everything have to be left on a cliffhanger!?

i finished and i really liked it