HeroFall Inconsistencies *spoilers*


So first off, really enjoyed the last installment to the series. Felt more epic than Hero Project and not as railroaded as Prodigy. With that said however, there were inconsistencies to the game I felt were a bit glaring.

First off was at the end, became the Millennial Group leader and chilling with everyone right before dinner, then the epilogue says Jenny died even though she got the bionic implants and was at that victory dinner. I got perfect legend even after not answering who Prodigal’s dad was correctly. I noticed you can get some bonus legend points to make up for mistakes, but didn’t think I’d get perfect on my first playthrough. There were also a lot of typos that a spellcheck should’ve caught.

Hate to seem nitpicky but since text is the medium the story is told, it needs to be done right. People on steam were bashing the trailer for having a screenshot with a typo in it. Some are douches that are going to bash anything not mindless or COD anyway, but all the same it doesn’t inspire confidence in the product.


I noticed a number of spelling mistakes too. Take note of them all (just copy and paste them into an email) and send them into Choice of Games or the Heroes Rise email address and they’ll be fixed in the first patch. Choice of Games doesn’t seem to have much luck with copy-editors finding everything.

The rest sounds like it’s bugs. Hopefully someone will see this thread but you can also write up an email and send it in listing what you have here and they’ll work on fixing things.

I know that they usually really appreciate this sort of feedback. You’ve a good eye for detail, if you haven’t already I’d suggest keeping an eye out for when Choice of Games beta-tests open and volunteering there.