Prodigal (HeroFall Spoilers)


I just played through romancing Prodigal (I adore her) and I have to know if she only has one possible ending ultimately. I’m kind of too busy crying right now to replay it, but the achievement you get at the end of the game “still in love with Prodigal” as opposed to “in a relationship with Prodigal” like all the other characters leaves me to assume there is no happy ending for her and that makes me super sad. Anyone else know?

PS: I’ll play through again infinity times to see if I can save her but I wouldn’t mind hearing from someone who did manage to save her if it’s possible. GIVE ME SOME HOPE



He has facebook page?

I hope one of the alternate endings can save Prodigal…

CoG fanfic… that’s a first… though with a series as awesome as Heroes Rise I suppose it would be interesting.

There are several “Hidden” achievements. 3-4 of them I think. Most are worth 10 pts so that means they are likely things that can be done during the story. One is worth 25 pts though so it is likely some endgame achievement. Im sure one achievement involves the hedgemaze, and thats a key to having full power at the end of the game. I’m going to purchase the perfect legend guide and for the previous two games, get the badges, and see what the heck it will unlock. I’m just hoping it will be worth it…

I’d tell you what I find, but I think that would negatively influence CoG’s and Riser’s profits so…sorry. Good luck on finding a perfect ending.

If there is one.

I haven’t played the second two games, but I played the first. So it seems a bit odd to me to expect any choice with such meaningful consequences from this series. Is HeroFall really that different from the first in terms of player character agency?

I suppose it is true that about the only real choice you have in the first game is whether or not Prodigal lives… so maybe that one thing could be consistent with what I’ve seen before.

I though it was better in my opinion

@vampierkid222 Better overall, or better in the specific aspect I was talking about?

Yeah, the steam achievements allude to being in love but not in a relationship with only Prodigal. So probably no happy ending with her. A tragic character who burned her candle brightly.

I’d answer about Prodigal but I’m not sure if anything’s changed from the beta. It was one of the things I mentioned while testing.

@Shoelip If you want to discuss the freedom of choice, or lack thereof in the Heroes Rise series feel free to start your own thread or have a search through the forum and see if there’s already one.

@FairyGodfeather I’m not trying to start an in-depth discussion. I know how the first game was, but not the second or third. I’m just saying that if the first is an indicator of the way the second and third are then there isn’t much reason to think Prodigal can be saved given the evidence shown.

I played through the game and I doubt if there is a happy ending with prodigal alive. Since she was already dying to begin with and then she was injured so grievously

She would have died anyway, even without getting shot. Which is a goddamn shame, I tell you. I wasn’t too satisfied with how the start of the romance was handled, but that end just seemed needlessly cruel. :frowning:

It would have been nice to be able to save her under certain circumstances, like being able to do so with maximum power regain points or something. That end was just tragic…same with Miss Artillery. Prodigal still never got to talk to her. *sigh* Guess I’ll go cry some more.


@Shoelip I also was not excited with the first installment, but the 2nd was better and this 3rd one is very very good IMO.

I did 2 playthroughs, got 98 legend and romanced prodigal on the first, got 100 on the second and stayed with Lucky.

Yeah I think whatever you do you can’t save prodigal or her mother which sucks since prodigal was a really vivid character. I liked her the most.

@jcury Is Prodigal really that much better in this game?

Yes she is


@FairyGodfeather me too. And with Jury. Like, what?

She is awesome, especially if you romance her.

I’m surprised by the amount of people willing to forgive her manipulations, lies, kidnappings, murders and trying to blow up the whole city.


@FairyGodFeather, that’s make three of us. I kept trying to ditch her and I was very much ready to hand her over to the authorities as soon as the story ended. She was a mass murderer (or maybe just an attempted mass murder? I can’t remember if there was a way to totally keep her from killing folks in the first one).

I don’t get the “Oh I want to romance her!” readers.

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Hey, you’d better not be dissing the Jury romance. :slight_smile: Jury may have been a daddy’s boy with friends in all the wrong places, but he’s the only character in the series less competent than we are. And the only death he can cause wasn’t deliberate and he does at least regret it. Since it’s also avoidable, why I wouldn’t actually forgive him for killing my best friend, accidentally almost killing her isn’t so bad. I’d rank his actions as more forgivable than both Prodigy and Black Magic.

I think since Prodigal’s one of the most developed characters in the series, might be the reason. It’s as much her story as it is the main characters. She’s the competent one though.