Prodigal (HeroFall Spoilers)

In my plays jury didn’t kill nobody lol. You can’t save Prodigal Cancer in the last stage when the war rush ended, she can keep alive her body.
@Shoelip the 3 game is not all fake choices you really could obtain different results and save or kill people even change America.So my advice buy damn game is less 3 euros. And if you don’t like it rant about it in forum explaining why you don’t like it.

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Truth be told, I understand why Prodigal had to die. Even if saved and cured of cancer she really is just too far gone as a villain to be redeemed in the public eye.

Still, I feel like the narrative really has it out for her. Learn to be happy with your insane mommy? Nope, she dies. Get your “vengeance” on you mom’s archenemy’s child? Uh uh, he/she beats you at your crowning moment. Find out your mom is alive and go to see her? How does dissolved in acid before your very eyes mere seconds before you can save her sound? Oh well, at least the person you had been obsessing over your entire life tells you that they love you even after you tried to destroy their life. Now tell them that you’re dying of hyper-cancer. Well at least you finally get to meet your father. After he shoots you through the chest that is. Don’t worry though, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER (including Jury, Black Magic, Rebellion and Scoundrel) who learn to see the error of their ways in story gets a second chance to start over if forgiven by the MC. Oh wait…except you.

So yeah…I feel a little bad for her. Especially since she was more crazy psychotic than evil psychopathic in the end. My biggest problem with her though wasn’t that she died, it was the way she died. I just wished she cried, or apologized, or expressed some regret about the decisions she made so that I could get teary eyed about her death rather than just feel disappointed. I just feel like the story could have really twisted the knife with her death, but decided not to.

That being said, I really did enjoy the ending, and I’m glad that the player’s choice actually ended up mattering.


I am not a big Jury fan, although I agree with @FairyGodfeather.

Regarding prodigal I think it is the fact that she is not evil at heart, she just doesn’t know better, also she is smart, sexy and funny what’s there not to like?


I liked Prodigal’s story arc more than I was expecting to; I think she works well as a doomed tragic figure, even though my MC ended up feeling sorry for her and would have saved her given the chance. Given that a lot of fairly dark things happen in the series, it would have been pretty surprising if everything had ended up rainbows and lollipops.

My MC also ended up with Jury - even though personally I think it was not the smartest decision she ever made, it was an entertaining enough plot twist that I had to make it happen. Sorry, MC. :wink:

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When I romanced her and she told me right before she died that she always loved me, it really broke my heart. I wish she didn’t die.


I’ve gotta admit, I was a tad bit miffed about not being able to save Prodigal. And I know why it’s a guilty pleasure for me, I’m a fan of yandere, but that’s besides the point. You spend most of the game returning to being a bad ass, just wrecking up the joint, all the while with the game telling you your powers are limitless.

Except Cancer. Cancer seems to be the limit. Ya lied to me game. I’m able to muck around with atomic abilities science can only dream of right now…and the big C still comes out on top. Kinda sad I wasn’t able to throw myself into researching Infini powers so Hyper-Cancer won’t claim anymore lives.

Hi I have completed the story 3 times now and every time I can’t seem to get the password for the 2nd door on the meek ship the one asking for the name of one of the Unholy Infini Trinity i am trying to save Prodigal’s mum if it’s possible any help would be much appreciated thank’s :wink:

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Just use your name.

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I did use my codename and my realy name but say’s You have failed to name one of the Unholy Infini Trinity.

Try Prodigal or The Crush

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@FallingCups There’s one way to save Prodigal. It involves getting her to dislike you enough so that she doesn’t want to save you. So you’ll never be together, and you’ll die in her place, but at least she gets to live a short while longer.

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Well, that’s it, I guess. I can’t say that it surprised me. Somehow, instinctively, I knew that a happy ending with Prodigal was unlikely to happen but I hoped, for once, that I was wrong.

For those who don’t understand why a player would want a romance with Prodigal, as for me, it was precisely because she was the opposite of the concept of my character, which is the true hero route. Two enemies bound by destiny who can’t help but feel a mutual attraction. I hoped for a struggle between common sense, love, ideals and a more active Prodigal in the romance route, the whole thing leading, perhaps, to a redemption (even if there is effectively one at the end of the game). In terms of narrative, I would have find it interesting.

Regarding the Prodigal romance, it was short, frustrating, poorly developed and her death removes the possibility to make the protagonist face the consequences of such a choice regarding her image as hero. And it’s frustrating for the players who love happy endings. Yes, it may seem vain or futile for some people but we are talking about a game of choices so why deny the possibility of a happy ending for the Prodigal fans while letting the possibility of a bad ending for those who like it?

It’s a shame because I really enjoyed the rest of the story and the other characters.


@FairyGodfeather thank you very much :)>-

I checked through my beta feedback. (I’ve been skimming to see what changes were implemented and what wasn’t.)

“I’d love to see a bonus ending. If say you’ve your relationship with Prodigal maxed, or as a reward for a perfect legendary score, where there’s a single cryptic note which leaves a hint of hope that she’s survived and that you will actually find her.”

I wanted a glimmer of hope but maybe that’s what fan-fiction is for, or just crazy forum theories.

For me, here’s my own made-up alternative ending.

Jenny’s life is saved and she becomes Null fully, so why isn’t that also a possibility for Prodigal? We know that artificial intelligence exists too. There’s that AI (was that Processor?) who shows up in the first game.

Prodigal, dies, saving the life of the person she loves most in the world, in an attempt to redeem herself. You go home, you mourn her loss and what might have been. Only then your Mechip goes fuzzy, and the holographic image is replaced with the one person you most want to see. “Miss me, Chicken?” Prodigal asks. “You didn’t think I was really dead, did you? Always have a backup plan.”

While infini-cancer may have ravaged her body, Prodigal’s a master of machines and she was able to transfer her consciousness at the moment of death into the closest electronical device capable of storing such data. Of course the two of you are going to need to work on creating her a body, and now the whole world thinks that she’s dead she’s got a chance to start afresh, with you.


@FairyGodfeather That’s awesome.


@FairyGodFeather That was incredible. I wish THAT would be included in the next patch. Not only does it deal with the Infini-cancer in a believable way (believable for this universe, anyway), it also allows Prodigal to start over, out of the public eye. Seriously, that theory is perfect, you need to send that in. Many people, it seems-myself inluded- couldn’t be entirely satisfied with the game, simply because, in a game of choice, not to mention a game of choice that may be the end of its series, a happy ending should at least be a possibility. Your theory allows that, but it’s in keeping with the previous events of the games.


This could be a possibility or maybe, since one of the protagonist powers is about atoms, why not heal her with it?

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We should have a fan fiction contest for Heroes Rise. Wouldn’t that be fun?

We could think of ways of saving Prodigal, or what-not. Lots of what ifs.

I think, for me it would be a rewrite of the Black Magic relationship, along with my theories of what was actually going on there. I did love that we could call Black Magic out in the last game. But I didn’t like the ending with Black Magic. I think Black Magic needed to help themselves first before even thinking of helping others out. They were in drastic need of some intensive therapy.

Or something with Jury. I was glad the game finally stopped us from hating Jury. Compared to the others he wasn’t much of a villain. Both Black Magic, and Prodigal did far worse. His only problem was being even less competent than we were. I actually love the idea of a story where Jury starts on his own redemption arc.


It’s weird to me how people are reacting, because it seems like Prodigal’s meaningless death is part for the course for this series. Although it’s kind of interesting when you think about the fact that one of the few remotely meaningful choices in the first game (if you didn’t have it locked off by the non-sensical morality slider game mechanic) was whether or not you killed Prodigal… of course it turns out that that choice was once again negated by later games.

@FairyGodfeather Think of it what you wish, but I’d rather have a fan fiction where the PC instead pursues Madame Vice. She may have been a super villainess, but she was practically a saint compared to prodigal, and acted like less of a fickle manipulative asshole than Black Magic, which shouldn’t even be comparable considering she’s a villain whose power is to manipulate people. :stuck_out_tongue:

@FairyGodfeather Damn man that was one hell of a good ending. Yes yes yes I want that ending in the next update.

That will also fit perfectly in with the next installment since at the end of the game it said there is going to be the hero project 2 which means she will redeem herself there and then say to the world who she really is.