Perfect ending? ( SPOILER ALERT)

a few questions.
1.Can you end the nuclear blast without killing prodigal
2.Can you uphold justice without having low legend as i ended with 29 legend status making good choices and it said everyone hates me :frowning:
3.Is there a way to make my sidekick Tarana Rain not have to leave in the end.
4.Is there a way to have a perfect ending?!

what game is this for?

Heroes rise.

Yes, Heroes rise sorry forgot to mention that.

Ah, that explains why it’s in the subject category of “Heroes Rise”… (top right). :stuck_out_tongue:

:-)) @Vendetta Ha, you made a funny.

I must be blind I didn’t see that lol

  1. Yes
  2. Yes- in fact, you can get very high legend!
  3. No- it’s the same with any sidekick :frowning:
  4. Yes

Sorry about the brief answers, but I sadly don’t have enough time to post a full walkthrough. A ‘perfect ending’ is very hard to define, as you have to fail some scenes e.g. The Gravitas, but you can get most things right :slight_smile:

Ok. i tried looking up a walk through( if a sequel comes out i want to start with a good background) but to no avail.