Heroes:Rise Legend Points?

I haven’t seen any posts around here about this Heroes game, so I was curious about how Legends points work? I am guessing the game is suppose to set you up to fail, so I am just wondering how do you get legend’s points? I’ve beat the game 4 times, doing what seems to be the best choices and I only end up with 48 max

Is there some secret to getting the 78 the game claims is possible? I’ve taken the heroic options and stuck with justice. Made got the cop as a friend, joined the Group, saved the day during the group battle and didnt kill the villian at the end. I also kept the peace with the Victons.

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As Jackrabbit mentioned, the legend guide is for sale in the iOS app. I don’t know whether it’s also available in the Chrome Store version; I’d hope so?

In any case, if those of you who’ve bought or earned it want to share it by PM, feel free. But it would be a kindness to the author if you didn’t post it publicly.

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In chapter 12, how do you get the option to ask grandma what she was thinking? The option is always greyed out for me.

can also give us a legend guide for heroes rise the hero project?

@paperclipkid: You need to be a jerk to your sidekick from the start. If you’re on ok-terms, there’s no in-character reason for that option to be available. Like other choices in the game, it’s probably to discourage meta-gaming.

@djma46: There’s an option to buy the guide in the IOS app.

does the option exit for google chrome version cause that the version i bought?

The only thing missing from that legend guide is the choices that influence moral consistency. For instance, if you waver on kinda wanting fame but also wanting to enforce justice, then your Fame/Justice percentage never gets above 85% or below 15%, so you are less likely to get the bonus points at the end for deciding to save your sidekick/Sonja. If you want to get a legend score of 70, you have to play on one extreme or the other - and that goes for both Fame/Justice and Lawless/Lawful.

It took me a while to figure out which choices to make, and it was extremely frustrating because I’d end up with either a 60/65 all the time due to being morally inconsistent.

Kind of silly, though, since it encourages and rewards black/white morality. But that’s an entirely different topic to be discussed elsewhere.

@havenstone I posted the legend guide for the first game, which is not available as IAP. I wouldn’t give out the second game’s guide because I don’t want to undercut the author.

I’m not sure why it was deleted but I will respect the decision.

@bobsmyuncle, sorry for jumping the gun. I didn’t read your post as closely as I should have and thought you’d posted the legend guide for Hero Project, as requested by djma46. And for what it’s worth, I’d intended to edit it rather than delete the whole thing… that was a clumsy and unfortunate slip of the finger. I apologize!

@havenstone no problem, thanks for the explanation! I just don’t want anyone to think I was undermining the author. I really like CoGs and I wouldn’t give away an IAP, especially because this app’s approach to IAP is pretty admirable compared to a lot of others I see.

Firstly I absolutely LOVE Heroes Rise but what i don’t understand at all is (three ponts in the LG regarding the reward consistency of your decisions) this:

Without giving too much away about the Legends guide of HR: The Prodigy according to it a Lawful and justice oriented character cannot get the max legend points?

If so why?
Or am i mistaken there? ^^"

you can… but you have to throw common sense and/or human decency over board. I see a couple of people breaking their neck in hr1 at the point where you decide what to do with the info about jury. If you aim for fame you must ‘get revenge’ if you aim for justice you must ‘rise above’. Seeing how the game before constantly pushes the player to make his life hell, this is where many stumble.

And there are several such points.

EDIT: I did a quick run and it’s possible to end with a perfect legend score.
where did you stumble?

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Most of the time i failed at picking the right colour of the fingers and had to restart so often after my original run. xD

Tho i finally got the perfect score. ^^

And my “stumble” with the L.G. was this: Reward for ideals & decision consistency–have a Solo stat greater than 60 OR a Team Player stat less than 40

It confused me quite a bit, “Have a solo or team player stat above 60” would’ve been less confusing. ^^"

And as for jury i didn’t really struggle there i really think he’s a jerk and would like to get revenge on him but i wouldn’t do it because i don’t wanna lover myself to that level if you know what i mean. (^_^")

Word of advice: use a guide from steam if you want to play the next games.

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I only ever get 65 because when choosing to call Black Magic on chapter 17 it doesn’t get me the bonus for calling someone I had a positive relationship. :confused:

It’d take a look at the code to see what has happened, but best guess would be you didn’t meet the threshold or played solo?

I was playing lawful/justice and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the points when choosing Black Magic so I replayed so many times checking my stat guide every time and I decided to make one change every time while keeping my eyes on the stats and guide…I think I memorized every choice but the one that seemed to “fix” it was to choose “raise above” with Jury if leaning on justice and get revenge if leaning on fame. I don’t understand how that one decision allowed me to get points with BM waaay later on the story like it isn’t related at all.

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Welcome to Heroes Rise, where sense is random and the decisions don’t matter.