Stats Help (Possible spoilers)

So I’ve replayed The Hero Project a couple of times now and I can’t seem to keep my fame and lawful stats high by the end. I’m sidding with the populars and dating Black Magic if that helps.

Iirc there are some choices in HR2 that will mess the stats over even if you “play correct”.
Blame the author.


That sucks :frowning:

The games are… a mess in places mechanics wise, but unless the company commissions a redux of the original trilogy, it won’t change.

Also: note:
The legend guide in HR3 is incorrect. You can hook up with Jury and still get 100 LP.

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I took screenshots. This is the moment that fuck a up my stats.

Someone who has them at hand could post the code here.
But yeah, iirc there was either no option fir lawful AND fame or tge wording was really counter intuitive.

It’s the odd thing with HR and how it defines things:

Lawful = never question the law/authorities even when directly working against them.
Justice = Doing everything anonymous
Fame = Stomping down on everyone to get to the top, no matter what
Lawless = Forcing the rules to say “i win” cause only one’s own gain and fame counts.


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Man, I love these games but some choices make no sense. I chose the last one and look at my stats now.

It only get less clear from here on, unfortunately.
I recommend getting the guide from steam

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