(I played the iOS version, not sure if there are different versions out there but the hosted portion at least is different.)

I couldn’t put this away for like the last three days! I-)
Found a few bugs and some inconsistent wording, but all very minor.

I played at least 4 different complete playthroughs, and now i am more or less happy with the result.
Although i played slightly differently every time it was pretty much the same character with the same goals.

Fame-Justice: 5
Lawless-Lawful: 9
Offensive-Defensive: 79
Solo-Team Player: 10
Legend: 83 \m/
Family: 97
Victon: 6
SK: 1
BM: 97
MG: 88

I got the impression that either the slider changes are percentage based or are set to certain values at certain points. I might be off, but i don’t think its possible to get 100% results.
Having extreme sliders seems to “help” by disabling choices.
I am curious however about the relation values (possible to get BM/MG values to 100?).

… and obviously the legend value.
83 i think is pretty sweet, but it probably can go higher (100?)
Firstly its not a round number and furthermore it is described rather anti-climatic as “above average” :-(( at the end

So … anyone got higher values? :slight_smile:

I cant remember my exact stats but i got 100 Legend once