Heroes Rise:Prodigy Perfect legend guide not "perfect"

       Hi, I have recently completed the game at least 3 times,the first time ending with Justice/Lawful, Team Player and in a relationship with Black Magic 55 legend. I also managed to get the "Perfect Morality" by not killing prodigal moreover unlocking the "Perfect Legend Guide". The second and third times I ended with Lawless/fame Soloist with the Bad ass achievement, and Lawful/ Fame Soloist respectively both ending with 65 legend 

Now, I have a serious problem understanding the "Perfect legend guide, because it just seems so confusing, making your character inconsistent just to get the points, but being consistent either way doesn’t really help, as I referred to a forum post that the game just makes your character one extreme or the other (One end or the other? *possible spoilers* ) .

What my main point is, Is there an easier guide out there to anyone’s knowledge, with an easier explanaition of just which decisions to make to get 100% legend points, or does my character have to be a complete jackass as earlier referenced?(whether I get all the points or not)