Hero Project Hero Strategy?

Hey guys,

So I’m slightly confused about a few things:

1)if the Legendary guide is unlocked with a perfect legendary score, doesn’t that sorta make it redundant? It’s like crossing a street to see a sign saying ‘You are at the other side’ or something.

2)The Hero Strategy guide gives no inclination on who to vote for the second time. I tried to split my vote between The Bear and Stage Show, but I apparently went the ‘Floater’ route, I guess, but then again, there is no inclination on what the right choice is.

Anyone have any tips for me?



Is the legendary score unlocked by getting a perfect score? I thought it was by sticking to a certain character path.

  1. You don’t need to get a perfect score, gettting a high one will unlock it as well

  2. It depends on which route you are doing. If you’re trying to be a true hero, for example, then vote with team you voted with the first time or the one you have more points with.

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Steam has guides for the achievements.
And don’t worry if you couldn’t do without a guide, the paths are very counterintuitive.