Villain perfect legend score problem

So I’m trying to go for perfect legend through the villain route and I do well until the second vote. I was following the guide but my score from 70 always lowers to 60 instead of going up to 80. I’ve tried different combinations on votes but it ends up the same way. Help?

At first I tried voting with the underdogs and then for the popular, later I switched to diving my votes but it’s all the same.

Yeah, the villain badge is a mess (again). If you got the guide from steam, iirc you have to constantly counterchecl with the perfect legend guide, as some points contradict each other, messing with the score

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When I played the HR games I used the guides posted a the games facebook page. Idk if that’s any different from the the one posted on steam, but I don’t recal having any problems when I used it. (Well aside from me wondering sometimes how this makes any sense but stats-wise I got the results I wanted)

I used those guides and the perfect legend guide and they worked together fine but not for the villain route. The commenter above you is right, there’s a conflict with the villain one and I finally figured it out.

In the guide it basically says you need to be a floater. If you voted popular on the first vote to vote underdog on the second and viceverse but if you voted divided then to stay that way but that was wrong. I sides with the popular, because if I’m evil then that’s the perfect faction, and…it worked. I’ll upload the image guide below but basically you need to be popular to have a perfect legend score and be villain.


I think all the hr2 badge guides have these issues.

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I still need to get 2 more but the hero and ally badge worked perfectly when combining the strategy guide with the perfect legend guide so I expected the villain one to work perfect too. Guess I was wrong xD

The main thing with HR is that it seems as if Sergi only ever writes out the path he would play, tacking on the other rather reluctantly if not begrudgingly, in some cases even scolding and mocking the reader for not following his vision.

We had an entire thread once about whether or not HR (and by extension Versus) is “real Interactive Fiction”.
And, well,
HR is Interactive Fiction, but it’s not really a CYOA.

And this shows when paths don’t add up at bottom line.


Yeah, I can see why. The first time I played these I only played them once but now that I’m replaying and you g for completionist to explore everything there is is rather disappointing in some aspects but what you say certainly explains it.

Of course, you can always ignore the legend score and make roleplaying choices based on your character. Only one of my ruthless strategist characters went all the way and betrayed Jenny, for example, for RO reasons. A Loyal Ally team player wanted to end up as an MG member, not leader, but she got that chance in Open Season. Getting a perfect legend is much easier in HeroFall, for a satisfying conclusion.