Problem with decision from the legend guide

Hi guys,

I need help because I don’t know if this just happened to me.
I recently finished the THP Redemption Season for the first time. And, as I always did in the Heroes Trilogy, at the end of the game I start again from zero to follow the legend guide at 100%.

Unfortunately this time isn’t possible because in chapter seven something very bizarre happens to me. As you can see below, this is the tip of the guide:

If you analyze the following image, you will notice that I already have 51 in Legend:

That is, I just need to follow the next step to reach 54. BUT, it doesn’t matter which of the following four choices I choose. I’m going to 52. Here are the choices:

Yes, I restarted the game more than 4 times repeating all the same steps and it does not matter which of the options I choose, I can’t get 54, but 52. At one point I tried to go ahead thinking it might be a typo or something. But I can’t reach the maximum score according to the guide.

Does anyone know what might have happened? Has anyone had the same problem?

In the image that shows my Legend you can check my status in Traditional & Radical and in Societal & Personal.

Thanks for the attention! :slight_smile:

Which choice do you pick? The only other thing I could think of is maybe your Traditional/Radical and Societal/Personal stats could be higher?

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Hi Mewsly,

At first I chose the first option. From there I started to restart and choose the other three options, unfortunately didn’t work.

But you made me think here and I made another choices before that and realized that I “made a mistake” by responding to Griffin that I would use the prize money to give a better life for JK and me. This ends up leaving my Societal & Personal status the way I showed it in the screenshot. So I answered that “I’ll use the prize for the best” (something like that, it was the last option where I also said that I wouldn’t say what I would spend the money for, nobody needs to know). That made my Societal status go to 83%. Just so I managed to pass with the first option shown here, achieving the 54 Legends.

It was something ‘simple’, just needed an outside view. Thanks a lot for your help! :star_struck:

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No problem! Happy to help!

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