The Hero Project: Open Season Walkthrough?

Hey guys, has anyone constructed a Walkthrough for this game?

If not, anyone know where I can get any tips on the Final Battle? Since one of the tips was super-confusing and it cost the life of someone. I prefer to have a clean playthrough where my actions don’t costs lives, lol.
Any help would be appreciated!

Just hit the next button, you can ignore the actual choices. I think everyone will survive like that (except for those kicking the bucket for drama).
And you’ll end with 86 legend points, enough to unlock the bonus chapter.

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If the person you are refering to is Rebellion then there is no way to save them, unfortunately.

Because an atomkinetic who should be able to disarm the missile no matter what can’t do shite, and the glorious and skilled mission control send the cryokinetic elswhere while knowing there’s heatseeking missiles…

Hey. They were asking for a simple answer, not opinions. Let’s not get into a debate here.


Though, this is the same thing as with Miss Artillery again. /shrug
EDIT: I mean, I’ve met quite a number of people by now who restarted HR3 over and over thinking they could save her with regain points high enough…