Offline/local save

Is there any way to continue through the stories without being connected to any source of data? I bought the series on the family Tablet and have been hooked, but I have no way of saving to the servers, and i would REALLY hate to stop reading them because i have to start from scratch with each one, from past experience, it really messes up the whole series.

I think the answer to this is no, that the games save online and you need to be able to access the servers to both save and load a game. However you only need to do that once. (Once to save, once to load the game).

There are questions at the start of each game that will allow you to continue the story. I don’t think they capture all of the nuances of a playthrough though.

That’s what I figured, I had been reading others (Metahuman, Samurai of Hyuga, Diabolical, Magikiras, etc) and finally got to the HR series, not thinking about needing to be online which I go to the library for about once a week. I guess I’ll n making more trips than I thought this week lol I appreciate the timely response.

It most certainly doesn’t transition well without continuing from a save.

You might find the inbuilt continue options work for you. They do capture a lot. I don’t think they allow for a perfect hero legend 100 play through though.

You just need to save the game once when it finishes, and then load that up in the next game. So really you just need to be connected to the net twice. Once between games 1 and 2, and once between 2 and 3. (I don’t know if Redemption Season imports a save from Heroes Rise 3, if it does then you’d need once for then too.)

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The inbuilt isn’t bad, it just makes the books seem like theyre spaced, different from each other to a small degree, not nearly enough for me to put it down, though

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