I'm having trouble downloading my save data

I can’t seem to download my saved data from Heroes Rise to Hero Project. Any suggestions I can do to fix this?

Do you have it saved online through the CoG website thingambobber

How do I do that? I use it on my phone. When I finished heroes rise, it says I have to put the saved game on an email. I gave an email but it said there was no saved games found on it.

Did you save your playthroughs from the first game on that email?

Yeah I did. Does having on a phone matter?

I’ve changed the title of this topic, it was a little misleading before.

What exactly are your issue symptoms? Are your saves not appearing at all when entering your email address (double check it's the right one?), or is the app failing to retrieve the saves from the website database?

It may be that you need to go back into the first Heroes Rise and upload your local saves first, then go back into the Hero Project and download them.

Do you think I have to beat the first game again?

Edit: Ok. I’ll try and do that. I’ll get back to you to see how it works. Thanks for the help.

Thanks it looks like I had to start over actually. It’s cool I don’t mind. Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it.

Hmm. There were no saves under my email address. Annoying. It also says I can restore using a password but how do I get that?
also, if I have to upload my save to the database, where do I go to get it? Which screen do I go to in the first game? Pressing play just starts over again. Hitting restart may overwrite my save so don’t think I want to do that.

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did u find ur solutions? I also got the same problem as u orinks… i cant load my save data to epi 2… its heartbreaking… =(

Anyone figure out how to use the password restore? Using email just isnt working for me.