Can't save and import! PLEASE HELP ASAP


So, I just finished playing the first installment, and then apparently saved. But then I gor the second one, and I tried to import the save data, it kept saying that there is no save data and stuff. I’m really confused and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m using it on android.


That happened to me between Hero Project and Herofall. Um, I would make sure you have the same e-mail address and info. You can also try to continue on a little into the game and then restart. Other than that , I would talk to someone like fairygodfeather, or someone with a little more tech experience. Hope that helped!


I havw the same problem too. Some of my saved games dissapeared just like that. I tried playing the first installment of the series again and try to save and import it to second installment but it won’t show up. It seems to be happening after Heroes Fall was out.