Saved data isn't transferring.?

So I played through the hero rises and saved my progress online. Then I started the hero project and opened my previously saved game from the hero rises. I start playing and I notice my character is being referred to as unknown instead of my code name from the first game. I thought that was weird but I kept playing thinking that I would be able to assign a new name or something. Then I start interacting with black magic and when I left off in hero rises we were involved and on good terms. My first interaction with him in the hero project was strange. He was upset with me about something which I thought was strange. It was like none of my progress from the first game mattered at all. So I replayed hero rises resaved my progress and then started the hero project over again, but the same thing happened. Now I don’t know if anyone else has run into this issue, but if you have let me know. And if you know what I can do to fix it please let me know that as well. Thank you. (And please try to avoid posting spoilers)

I would think you need to send a email off to CoG so they can look into it.

I started and finished the first game yesterday I’m an instant fan, couldn’t wait to start the next one.
I’m also having this problem, Made half a dozen save files, I even restarted the book incase it was corrupted, second game saved a few more times and no matter which one I load in the second game it doesn’t transfer my stats and I’m called Unknown etc.
I’ve also tried different connection, both Wifi and 3g just in case (I’m an Android user).
I’ve emailed off, hope to hear back soon I’m itching to start the next one!! :slight_smile:

The problem has been identified and a patch was uploaded yesterday.

All savegames created since 5/21 are useless.

The patch is live most places, but it will be a week or so until the iOS patch is approved.

The iOS patch should be live later today.

Patch is up in iOS now.

How bout android? Already sept now… still no update?