Cannot save game at the end of Heroes Rise 2


I didn’t know where else to post this. Anyway, when finishing Hero Project, at the time when Prodigal says her mother is alive, there is no button at the bottom of the screen. So, I can’t save my game to play further in Heroes Rise: HeroFall once it’s released.

I’m using the Chrome Web Store version. ^^


CoG will probably release an update before the next game that enables saves


Yeah, saves aren’t enabled until the sequel comes out. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s weird. I have two saves that were apparently made at the end of Hero’s Rise: The Hero Project. Although I am on iOS and you said you were on the Chrome Web Store so that could be issue.


I forgot all about that. So when the 3rd installment comes out, we’re going to have to end up playing 2 all over again first. Well at least that’s something I do…


@Rebelmaiden we’ve just tested it and it seems to be working fine. So you’re going to need to be more specific about your problem.



Here’s a screenshot of my problem:


@Rebelmaiden Thanks for that screenshot! That’s definitely not what I see in my tests. Could I request that you send us a console log? Click the menu (“hamburger” icon) in the upper right, Tools -> JavaScript console. Select all of that and email it to us at


I have the same problem on my iOS. I just went through playing hero project again and couldn’t save my game to transfer to hero fall.


@dfabulich Sent!


I have the same problem!


@mrsdewinter That’s one hell of name you chose for your hero. All capitals as well.

Having the same problem as well, on Chrome.


I sent a console log as well!

(and yes, I do tend to get a bit extravagant with the naming haha)


Any word on this?


We’ve just pushed a patch for HR2 to fix the Achievements issue. We’re hoping that it magically fixes the savegame issue as well. Can you test it out and let us know?


Yep, fixed mine. :smiley: Thanks! ^^


It still doesn’t work on my phone. Is it because it is an iPhone 3GS?


I figured this would be an appropriate place to put this:

I’m playing on Android, and I recently bought HeroFall (I’ve been uber-excited for it!), and my problem is that I can’t load any of my games from The Hero Project, because it says that those games are from the 1st one. :-/ I know at least one of them is from The Hero Project, because I made my Black Magic playthrough specifically for HeroFall.

I hope this is an easy fix, or me being stupid, because I really want to fangirl over Black Magic again. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m playing it with a new game, but it’s just not the same. :frowning:


Alright, I’ve sorted it out for myself. Ignore me. My fangirling heart is intact.


This is happening to me too on my iPhone 4. No save option on the last page of The Hero Project.