I can't save my game on Hero Project?


It won’t let me save for some reason. It keeps saying to go to the restore menu? I’ve looked for a solution but can’t seem to find one. If you know what I can do to not lose my progress that would be great!


Same here. Really just want to play heroes fall, but want my data from hero project. Help would be appreciated.


Also, not sure if it matters, but I’m playing on iOS.


If it makes a difference is use android


This is a problem on Choice of Games side, likely with their save servers. You’re going to need to be patient and wait for either @JasonStevanHill or @dfabulich to be online in order to deal with this. It’s not something any of the rest of us can help with.

You could try sending an email to support @ choiceofgames.com although I’m not sure that’ll get things fixed any quicker.

I know people have emailed 10+ hours ago about this but the Choice of Games staff are small and they don’t actually work 24/7. I imagine they have been sleeping and doing things that involve not working during that time.

Cannot save game on iPad

Well, thank you for redirecting me to the right place. I actually have this problem for longer than 10 hours. But I have just emailed them about 10 hours ago. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon. If I still can’t save in a few days, I’ll probably come back here and ask for help again.


If you haven’t contacted them then they likely weren’t aware that there was a problem until then.

I’ve actually had similar problems when trying to save games. I’m not sure if I even ever got the save games to work. I was generally forced to start afresh so I am aware that it’s really frustrating. Hopefully Choice of Games will get the problems fixed though.


Thank you! I won’t email them as I’m sure they’ve gotten more than enough emails about it already. Hopefully it gets solved soon.


Status update: still not working. Saves cannot be uploaded and the message keeps telling me to try again from restore menu (which I can’t seem to find).

It’s started to get a bit annoying in all honesty. Not that I want to blame the staff or anything, but there is no reply from anyone from the email I sent. An indication that my issue is being looked into would have been nice, since I don’t expect the problem to be magically solve right away and actually understand that these things do take time. But don’t just be silent and say nothing, maybe?

Or at least post an FAQ of what to expect if this is a recurring problem, or if possible, a DIY fix. And post the FAQ separately from the forum if possible, too, since sifting through can be quite overwhelming for new people coming in.


Are you aware of how small the choice of games team is? I do understand your frustration. I’m sure as soon as they’re able your email will be answered and they’ll fix the issue. They won’t be ignoring you.

There’s no fix on our side because the save function on their servers. The only thing to do is wait. If we could help or offer any other advice we would.


Of course I am not ‘aware’ how small the choice of games team is. Is it something you expect me, a new customer, to know?

I don’t know why you would phrase a question in such a way. Is it perhaps to guilt me into thinking I’m being too demanding in pointing out that I’m not receiving the service I’ve paid for? I hope it is not.

Regardless, as I’ve said before, I actually don’t want to blame the staff, because these things do happen. The reason I’m wasting my time writing on the forum here is to let you know that there is still an unfixed problem and offer my ideas on how these things could be handled in the future ‘if it is possible’. I’m not here to demand that the team must do this and that, I’m suggesting what I think could be done to make it better. I’m sharing my experience as a customer so that the team can use it as ‘feedback’ and so that other customers who have the same problem know they are not alone in the experience.

So if you think I’m posting to be problematic, please reconsider, as it is not my intention at all.


I’ve been searching for a solution for days :confused: I hope they can fix it soon ^^ Im really curious about the 3rd game :3 I sent an email too. Now we just have to wait I guess. :slight_smile:


It was a genuine question. Are you aware? You replied that you weren’t. I’m sorry that the question offended you but I hadn’t intended it to. I’d just wanted to explain the situation. It wasn’t to guilt you or anything like that. I’m not saying that you’re being too demanding. I just wanted to explain the reason for the delay.

I’d explain their structure but I’d likely get it wrong. Actually, I’ll try anyway. I think Jason’s still the only one who works full time on Choice of Games, (And full time doesn’t mean 24/7 although sometimes it feels that way.) I know he does answer the support email address since he’s the one that replies to my emails there, and that he also does an awful lot of other stuff at the same time. (Dan Fabulich and Adam Morse are the other founders but last I was aware they both still had demanding full time jobs along with everything they do at Choice of Games and they’ve got different roles.)

They won’t have read your email and ignored it. With the amount of people here reporting that the save function is down, plus the amount of people who’re undoubtedly emailing the support email address reporting the same, I’d imagine that fixing the issue is going to be their top priority the moment that they’re able to do so.

I’m not sure why it’s not fixed yet. I’m not sure why I’ve not seen Jason (or Dan) around the forums today either. They will get things sorted as soon as they’re able. Heroes Rise save being down is important, and it’s good that people have pointed it out. It’s also good that you’ve stuck around, kept us updated that it’s still not fixed.

They’re not like some of the other companies out there. They generally respond promptly to issues fixing them. I don’t why this is still an issue and the save function is still broken. I just know that it’s been glitchy in the past with me.

I know I’ve sent emails to companies before about things being broken to the extent they’re unplayable and the company just hasn’t responded. (The worst case, I think was with EA who certainly had the staff to reply to my complaints that their game didn’t work but didn’t bother.) Choice of Games aren’t like that. They’ll get things fixed. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed so there’s not any more issues with it.


Thank you for your clarification. Reading back, I was being rather testy, and I am sorry for that.

Update on my end. Still not working.


I also have this issue, already purchased the series after playing the first one, not going to bother playing the sequels until i can upload my current character, because well i enjoyed the choices i made :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and for the future update and fix


Yes, we’ve received all of the emails. No, we don’t know what the problem is. No, I don’t know when it will be fixed. No, I don’t know when Dan will have time to even start investigating the problem…but I think it’s moved up his list of things to do, because it’s clearly affecting multiple games.


Thanks for getting back to us :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. Do keep us updated once the save issue is fixed.


I fixed it! Our apologies for taking so long.

(It was a billing issue; our vendor stopped charging our credit card, but didn’t email us to say so.)


Thank you so much for fixing the problem!