I can't save my game on Hero Project?


Thank you so much. Everything works fine now.


Hi :slight_smile: I am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I see that this problem seemed to have been fixed back in January. This is October. I do hope that this can be fixed because I am eager to play the other two games. Thanks for reading!


I have the same problem i cant save my game:( please help!


I have the same problem heroes rise the prodigy wont save please help!


I finished community college hero this morning and tried to save. My android Samsung phone then told me that I should try it again later over the restore menu. Then I was supposed to rate the game and now I only have the play again menu. Where is this restore function? How can I try again to save the game? Or is it maybe lost? That would be sad, since it’s my best play through yet.
Thank you for your time.