Saving Games locally

So I’m a big fan of these games. I have all of the official games and have played a few of the hosted games.

The only thing that bugs me about the games are that the ones that use saves require you to upload them to the server. The first couple of times it’s not so bad; you can easily differentiate the different saves. It starts to become a problem as you play them more and more. I really noticed this with the Hero Trilogy. They’re among my favorite but after finishing the third game twice I am hesitant to play them again because of the number of saves that I have. It’s hard trying to tell them apart and while I can start over and do a better job of naming them, there’s still the unsightly large list of abandoned saves to contend with.

I doubt that I’m not the only one that has complained about this. I understand that the saves are hosted on a server in order to prevent someone from tampering with my saves. I would just like to know why a local save option isn’t allowed. It seems like it would alleviate all these issues. I can’t imagine someone going through all the trouble of remotely accessing my smartphone just to get to a save for a text game. If that’s not possible then the old save system (which I wasn’t around for but I’ve read about from past forum posts) seems more attractive simply because I don’t have to worry about a long list of past saves. If I want to forget a save then I just get rid of the code. If not that then how about giving me access to my list of saves in so that I can delete whatever ones I have saved on the server under my email address.

I’ve tried looking for posts about local saves but my searches haven’t come up with anything useful. If there is a reason why local saves aren’t possible, then I accept that and just deal with the current system. I’m just looking for an answer as to why an obviously flawed system isn’t being addressed.

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Having a utility to clean up saves and such would be beneficial. I know I have about a dozen saves for Heroes Rise and about 8 for Way Walkers. It’s the multiple spanning ones that have a problem.

So yeah, finding a way to clean out the saves that are tied to the email address you put in when you want to save would be a good thing.

Setup a software to clean up them.

So I’m going to bump this in the hopes that someone could answer my question. I still can’t figure out why a better save system has not been implemented yet. As I said before if there is something prevents it from being changed, as unlikely as that seems, then I’ll just learn to deal with it.

@ErinShan Are you referring to me? If so, I’m not sure what software I could design without access to the server.

Well, I was hoping for somebody to create the kind of software that clean up unnecessary savings in one of the CoGs like Heroes Trilogy and Way Walkers too.

Replying to bump it again and hoping that someone on the producer side could shed some light.

What are you asking for, exactly? Are you asking for the ability to delete old saves? Or something more than that? If so, what?

I’m really just asking for the ability to delete saves. I can’t understand why we aren’t allowed to. I read elsewhere that there were security concerns. I think that saving the games locally to the user’s device with which they play the games should solve all problems. I’m not a programmer by any means, but this sounds like a few lines of codes that instruct the game to save the file to a folder. I wouldn’t think it would too different from whatever lines instruct the game to send it to the server. If that can’t be done, then some kind of password system to allow us to delete the saves in the server would be fine.

This seems like an easy fix that could be done within a month max. And I’ve read other posts from people asking about this sort of thing. It seems like it’s only going to become more of a problem in the future as CoG grows and we get more and more stories that span multiple games.

Can someone respond to this?

Doing another bump for this thread.

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I’m curious about this as well, since my next game will rely heavily on COGs save feature. A game management system (deleting) and possibility of local saves (on the device) both sound good, but I have no idea of the amount of work such things entail.

A third option is iCloud, which iOS 8 has delved even deeper into.