Can you delete your pervious saved games?


I have way to many saved games on my Heroes Rise profile via iPhone.
And I will like to delete all of them.

Deleting saves in games

Nope, no way to delete them yet. It’s been brought up before, but I don’t know if CoG ever intends to make it possible…


You could always use a different email to make a new saved list.


@Samuel_H_Young Doesn’t work. At least, it didn’t for me. It just added the saves from the new email to the saves from the old email, so now I have all the saves from both…


Man 0.0


Danm! I guess I have to title them specifically, it bugs seeing old saves I have way too many playthroughs lol!


I know! It just gets on my nerves! But, you don’t have to save every play through you do. I play Choice Of Romance, and instead of saving, you can just hit Cancel, and continue with your game.
But, I agree, there should be a way to manage your files. Even if your here, on the website, you should be able to manage all the saves linked to your email. Just an idea!