Deleting saves in games

Does anyone know how to delete saves? It’s getting cluttered and I see no way to- its getting annoying


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to delete saves (unless they changed it recently). Yes, it’s annoying, and it’s something that quite a few people have asked for, but as far as I know, it’s not possible.

Sadly no, even with the other threads asking for it; it is impossible to delete saved games from CoG. I think it be good feature, but the CoG has yet to do an option to delete saved games. Could be on the wish list for CoG?

How do I delete saved games?
Is there a way you can delete a saved game?
Can you delete your pervious saved games?

Oh stares down at the long list of saves can i hire someone to find the save i want?


Is it possible to delete saved games from choice of games on android? Such as the lost heir and heroes rise

I put this here, but there are literally 8 other existing threads on the topic. Please check before starting a new one.

AFAIK the answer remains No.

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I believe Mary_Duffy indicated the staff is looking into it but they are still at the consider phase.

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Honestly, the biggest thing keeping me from buying more books (or games, whichever) is not being able to delete my saves, otherwise I would probably have at least twice if not three times as many lol.