Deleting Save Games

Does anyone know if the Choice of Games team is still considering adding the option to delete old saves or at the very least the option to hide saves people didn’t want to see anymore?

As it stands right now, without one if these features the save game screen can seem very cluttered at times. Especially in games that have multiple branching paths or take place over multiple books like games set in the Infinite Sea universe by Cataphrak.

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I’d never heard anyone propose hiding saves as a possible solution before. I think that might be a good way of handling the problem. It wouldn’t have the same security/irreversibility concerns as deletion.


Sinnie suggested it a while back:


Ah, that was before my time. Anyway, for what it’s worth (not sure my opinion counts for much because excess save files have never been a problem for me), I think it’s an excellent idea.

When my saves pile up too much, I just start over with a different email.

How does that work with games you’ve paid for, though? Isn’t ownership of the game associated with the email address?

You can use any email for the save system, as far as I know. I’m not even sure it needs to be a real one, although I’ve never tried a made-up one. I think that’s part of the reason CoG doesn’t want to implement deleting saves; with the system as it is now, if you got hold of the email someone else was using to save their games, you could end up deleting their saves if that was a feature.

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Allowing player to save the their local device/offline save will solve the problem. But i honestly think they will never implement any solution.

So the just like the fabriccat says. I simply resort to “stealing” someones email address. My favorite webstite to steal email adress is 9gag

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I like the idea of starting over with another email, I think I’ll try it.

Mini Militia App Lock

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I may have to try the email thing, too. I have too many damned saves for some games and can’t remember which (CharacterName-FINAL-NO-REALLY-FINAL) save I’m supposed to use and, inevitably, pick the wrong damned one.