Save deletion/hiding

I’m promoting a petition to try and convince the CoG staff in charge to implant a save deletion/hiding feature (as I’m sure there are a few of you who have found yourselfs also finding the number of saves you may have frustrating before).

Anyone willing to sign, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Anyone willing to give any tips or advice, I’ll take everything into consideration, thank you.

That being said, we’ve been asking for a deletion feature or at least the ability to hide saves for years,

Ignoring the fact I just like a clean save box, I can hardly find new saves half the time anymore, there are (many) times I refuse to even start a new playthrough in a series because I’m uncomfortable with adding yet another save.

Yet here I am, hopeing that we can eventually get what is a common feature, I for one instinctively expect save management features due to how common it is.

Although I can understand how it may be annoying to add a new feature, I find it incredibly hard to believe it would be a overly complicated one, especially to the point that it wouldn’t be worth implanting.

And for the security reasons, if you must, require an account to be able to access these management features, or to lock them behind the accounts password.

Again, it’s a very common feature that far more than just me finds the absences of frustrating, and we don’t understand why it won’t be implemented.

I’m sure there’s some of us (like me) that’s hesitant in spending money on new games/books, only reason I choose to continue as much as I do is because I already invested so much money into your products.

And finally, I don’t mean to be offensive or disrespectful with this message, and I apologize if I am, we simply do not understand why we can’t have a save management feature (that being deleting or at least hiding saves) that’s so common, that again, is frustrating and odd.

Please, add the ability to manage our saves to allow is to keep a clean save box outside the saves we WANT to keep.


It’s worth mentioning that if one wants to clear saves, there is the semi-solution of starting a new set of saves under a new email address. I think it doesn’t even have to be a real email, though I might be wrong about that.


The only problem with that, is having to make and keep track of a new email, all for something that shouldn’t of been a problem in the first place lol.


It’s probably more technically difficult than we think. If it was an easy fix, I’d assume the COG staff would’ve already implemented it.

I dont think it is hard , just goes against COG policy of being a story where decisions actualy matter, that is u cant just save and load to check all the choices

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I hope COG actually considers adding some save system considering how popular twine is with its save slots and hiw many authors switch to twine for this convinience


I tried to reach all the achievements of lost heir 3 and basically to avoid confusion I put Petra-Vampire-Evil or Theo-Paladin-Good and even so it is still very annoying


A random thought, but if they really had to, they could just revamp the save system, or simply add a new one, that’s linked to the account rather then the email, I’d assume that would be easier, just a tad bit time consuming.

I feel like allowing us to delete some old unwanted saves would be nice for us and the system.