You Can Finally Delete Your Saves

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Over the next week or so, we’ll be rolling out updates to all of our games that include the ability to save and restore your game, to implement the ability to delete saves that you no longer want to keep.

These changes are already live when you play on our website, and in our “Choice of Games”, “Hosted Games”, and “Heart’s Choice” omnibus apps.

We’ve also submitted updates for all of our standalone apps for Steam, iOS, and Android. You’ll see those updates appearing and auto-updating over the course of the next week or so.

How to delete your saves

Start by using the “restore game” menu option. You might need to “Retrieve saved games online from” to see your list of saves.

Once you see the list of saves on the “restore game” menu, you’ll see a new option to “Delete saves” at the bottom. You’ll see a menu, allowing you to select any number of saves, and then use the “Delete” button at the bottom to delete them. (If you’ve changed your mind, you can unselect all saves, and “Delete 0 Saves.”)

You can undelete your saves, too

After you’ve deleted saves, you’ll see a new menu option, allowing you to undelete saves that you’ve deleted.

Saved games will appear in the “undelete” menu for up to 30 days. (After 30 days, it’s still possible for Choice of Games staff to recover deleted saves.)

Reach out to us at if you have any questions around this.

Thanks for your patience

We first implemented the ability to save games on in 2013, and, over the last ten years, we’ve heard steady feedback that players needed to be able to delete those saves.

It took us a while, but we’re finally getting a chance to work on stuff that we should have done years ago, like adding keyboard shortcuts and disabling touch-slide controls.

There’s more to come! What do you think we should work on next?


Ayyyy. Nice


This is the biggest breakthrough in Choice history


Ikr. It’s a miracle. :rofl:


Okay, undelete is a pretty great addition! Does that include overwriting by any chance?

Never mind me. I was thinking of the browser save function. Took me some time to realize what we’re actually talking about.


Finally, I can get rid of my 30+ ZE:SH saves!


Wow, what an excellent addition. I’m overflowing with so many saves in some games that I need to scroll down to find the most recent ones.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

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I’m not sure what you mean by “overwriting.”

It’s always been possible to create multiple saved games with the same name. The new game wouldn’t replace the other; you’d just have two games, created on two different dates, that just happen to have the same name.

But now, you can delete the older one, if you’d like. Is that what you’re looking for?


Ah, this is awesome! Been getting sort of desperate for this for some games (looking at you, Wayhaven series).


I would love to see the inclusion of a save system similar to that of Dashingdon. Games are becoming larger and larger and the system there feels most natural to me. I would appreciate a response to this query! Also, the ability to delete your saves is a step in the right direction, thank you for listening CoG.


such a great news

Also I agree with the inclusion of a Dashingdon like save system!

Sometimes you have to reset a whole game just because you mistakenly misclicked a wrong choice. sometime you just want to test a choice or for just any other reasons really.

So I hope a save system could be included :pray:


I’d highly recommend using the save editor app. Even if you don’t want to edit anything it does have a save system.


(and in reply to @Printesa_Carmilla )

It’s kind of a misconception that that’s something that Choice of Games itself is actively holding back or preventing authors from doing. We’re not. I would say it’s not particularly our style, but we don’t object to it, either. Authors can opt to do this if they want to. Several Choice of Games titles have midgame checkpoint saves, which is I think what you’re talking about:

Choice of Rebels
Sword of the Slayer
Blood Money
Creme de la Creme
Royal Affairs

…There may be others I don’t recall. Rolling that out to every single game I don’t think is in the future, but there are similar features we may implement.


Big day for perfectionists !!


I’ve always been glad there isn’t a “back” button - it forces the reader to take choices seriously. But I really like having the option at the end of a chapter to either continue the game or replay the chapter. I have a special dyspraxic talent for dropping my phone and hitting the “Next” button while fumbling to catch it, and I feel that chapter-end checkpoint saves offer a happy medium where choices still can’t be made lightly, but it’s not necessary to go all the way back to the beginning to undo a genuine mistake.


A way for me to remember my damned password.


Would it be possible to add a coding update that adds a function we can call that adds checkpoints to the game at the authors desired place, without us having to duplicate the variables by hand, handling the temp variables and *disables_reuse’s and etc?

From what I see, making checkpoints is too much for many authors, difficulty-wise, not to mention quite nerve-racking and easy to mess up. It would be very helpful if this could be helped on the CS end.


Hell yes! This makes me so happy. Now I can get rid of most of the 80+ saves I have for Wayhaven, and the 50+ saves I have for Fallen Hero… Yay! :partying_face:

As for what I’d like to see. A back button. I know some people hate it. I love it because I get click happy and end up having to start over. Barring that, a built-in way to reload to the beginning of a chapter, or to older chapters (or a save system like on dashing don, so we can reload if we screw up).


But how would that concept work if, for instance, a chapter is around 100k words or something of that magnitude? :thinking: That will be like resetting a whole game.

Also, it’s important to note that not all games use chapters; certain games opt for a structure based on acts instead.

And like Doriana said, making checkpoints system is not easy at all.

But if something can be done in CS to simplify the process then that would be most welcome.