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Is there any way to delete some of our saved games. I’m getting confused just seeing my list of saved games.


Honestly, the thought didn’t occur to us.

Oh, perhaps an option to remove or rename a save game would be useful.
Also, doesn’t it take up memory space on the CoG website or something to store save games?

Is this abandoned or will it be implemented soon?
I really have too many saves.

Salutations fellow COGers! Sorry to bump an antiquated thread like this but I understand it’s preferable to creating another.

I was just wondering what the rest of the community thinks of this, I recall seeing this thread when it was new and thinking COG was going to implement something. I know I have quite a few saves that I no longer use, I feel like there should be someway of deleting them especially since there are several games with continuations.

I feel slightly…wasteful? Every time I create a new save and it gets added to the list seemingly permanently, just because I want to play through a game or even just a scene with different stats, relationships, genders, ect.

I sort of preferred the old generated password option, at least that way when I was done I could delete it.

So any thoughts or news on this guys?

I got really confused when I was looking through my saves for Choice of Intrigues simply because there were so many of them.

The ability to remove a save would be nice.

They also specify dates, so the one you’re looking for is most likely the most recent.

I just dont save all my plays only someones i feel better or i like more that’s the only way to keep numbers ok

Yeah, it’d be nice if there were a way to delete saves. I tend to go through many playthroughs, and sometimes there are playthroughs that don’t go the way I planned, so it’d be nice to get rid of some to reduce clutter.

How can I retrieve saved games from hero rise prodigy? I’m trying to retrive it cause I’m going to play the hero project but it always says that I don’t have a saved game in my email. Please help.

Hi! I have a save file from the soul stone war 1 then when i import my save in soul stone war 2 it says no save file i entered my email address

Email for support.

What happens to the saves if the email address they are attached to gets deleted?

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