No Delete Saves?

Hi y’all Is there no way to delete save game files on iOS or Android without making a new email account someone really should look into that


I have an android phone. Haven’t tried this for COG games in a while, but tried it recently with another cyoa app and think it does work. Try going into apps on the settings folder then clearing the app data. If that doesn’t work try uninstalling the app then reinstalling it and just restore purchases. If that doesn’t work…well hopefully it will :stuck_out_tongue: but if those methods don’t work I can’t think of anything else sorry.

for android some of the saves in a game can be stored in the choice of games for the email you provide so even if you clear cache it wont work, you cant delete saves in a email account

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Man I wish I knew you couldn’t delete them before I made a bunch of pointless saves xD

“Looks back at my 39 the lost heir saves”