Saved Games and Loading

This may be a stupid question but is there a way to access saved files from games you’ve played on your phone? Can I delete them too? I wanted to look at old saves to remember past choices and look at my achievements. Please forgive my squirrelly ignorance. Thank you!

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If you mean in-between book saves that you assign to e-mail address, then no, you can’t delete them. Or is it some other save system you’re talking about?

The email address thing.

There’s no way we could access them.

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The save games are saved on COG server, it can’t be deleted or viewed by the user. So you can’t interact with your saves.

I’ve to admit, CoG’s way of saving isn’t quite robust. Granted, they serve their only purpose: allowing save transfer for sequels.

I do hope that one day we can get a better system where we can manage our own files. But until then, it doesn’t seem to be top priority, for now.


We’ve included it on the list of things we’d like to add as a feature but we have had other priorities unfortunately. (I.e. creating an omnibus from scratch, making that omnibus look good, making past purchases transferable into it, and now creating a new omnibus for the Google Play Store for our upcoming romance line.)



It’s admittedly a pretty minor issue and totally understandable that it’s low priority but I’m happy to hear it’s on your to-do list anyway. :+1:


Okie dokie! Thanks, everyone!

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If I may ask, why is the romance line being gated behind an omnibus on the Play store? I really hope we’re not looking at moving the main line to omnibus format on the Play store as well. I was able to get over 20 friends and relatives to get my game on Android because it’s a simple download. How many did I get to buy it on Apple? One. Everyone kept telling me that they weren’t comfortable or willing to buy apps through another app. It’s a surprisingly high barrier for entry for a lot of casual readers who can’t be bothered with extra steps and/or bloat.


From CoG omnibus FAQ:

Will you make an omnibus app for Android (the “Google Play Store”)?

We might make an omnibus for Android sometime in the future, but we don’t have any immediate plans to do that. We’ll continue to release separate apps for Android.

Not sure if romance apps will be gated (I don’t think it was explicitly stated anywhere), but since Google is okay with individual app releases, the main line looks like it’ll stay as it is. You’ll simply get more options. I, for one, would like an omnibus on droid, especially if it’ll have features like “sort by author/date/genre”. All in one place, easier browsing and updates.

Everyone wins here.

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I will not buying games if I am forced to a omnibus but i don’t see problems to have both options. I not trust companies lightly i have beautiful folders with games perfectly stored in base my criteria. No need a 3d company track my stuff

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Are changes to how saves are handled high on the priority of the company? Namely being able to view details about and delete our saves.

How do transfer your save game to sequels

From a reader’s perspective? If the sequel entered the publishing queue, CoG/HG and the author will add the save feature (saving your game stats) by entering an email. On the next book, you just have to enter the email where your save to import your choices.

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