Hero Project Legend Guide


Can someone help me with an issue I’m having? I finished the The Hero Project and purchased the legend guide, but it’s not showing up for me at all. It’s not in the Show Stats list nor is it showed as an unlocked achievement. I have a receipt from Google showing the purchase was made. I also finished a second playthrough and it wasn’t offered again so I’m assuming that the game recognizes the purchase.

Also, I remember there being something about guides for the badges also showing up when the guide was offered, but I didn’t read fully. Are the badge guides in the legend guide or is it separate, because there wasn’t an option to purchase a badge guide.


I’m having a similar issue with Heroes Rise: The Prodigy. Got to the end, made the purchase, restarted, and…nothing! Uninstalled the app, went to “restore purchases,” it said my Legend guide was there, but I started playing and there’s no guide.

Also, I’m not sure what the guide does. Does it add in indicators or is it like a menu in the stats screen?


I got the guide in the first one, and that one gave you a list off all the choices you should make to max out your legend score in the game. At the end you get a boost (won’t say what is boosted). Unfortunately I found the boost to not be very helpful in the second game.

Also, check in the Show Stats page at the bottom. There should be an option to open the Legend Guide up.


Thanks, man.


So I reinstalled Hero Project and when I go to upgrades, it says that I have both the mechip warning system and the perfect legend guide. Nonetheless, I’m not seeing the guide anywhere in the game. Am I looking in the wrong place?