Can't buy Perfect Legend Guide for Herofall

I bought Herofall on Chrome and I can’t buy the Perfect Legend Guide there. This is pretty freaking infuriating and I would like some way to paypal money to someone to receive it or something.

Pretty sure Chrome and Google Play don’t support IAPs. Steam should but I know you already got if for Chrome. Sorry mate.

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Yeah, what’s the solution to this? Who do I have to paypal a buck to to receive the text version of it via PM?

  1. Chrome has one benefit, you can devise your own perfect legend guide by just opening up the code and looking in there.

  2. has some useful stuff on Heroes Rise. Is there any legend guides there? Or available to win?

  3. Try emailing Choice of Games and see if they can arrange a work around. Maybe if you offer them the money for the perfect legend guide they’ll give you credit for the game in their own store. I’m not sure.