On chrome the price isn’tlisted, how can I buy the game?


it should be listed, thats where i got mine, it was $2.99


it says “price not available”.


oh ok i looked on my card history & its $2.99


Unfortunately, Chrome only sells in about a dozen countries. You must be in one where you can’t buy anything.


I see…What do I do then?


I can’t buy from the chrome web store either! :frowning:
I live overseas and it’s always, always a hassle whenever I try to buy something from US/Canada.

Seriously, handing someone money shouldn’t be this hard.


I can’t buy any of the new games. Why not use a platform that actually allows you to have more customers is beyond me. Even steam is a good idea. Really, why sell video games if only 30% of the world has access to them?


I’m so angry for this. It’s like someone thinks that the USA is the only country in the world.


Ah, good old American exceptionalism. It’s principal tenets seem to be that a significant fraction of those in power (can’t speak for the ordinary US citizen here) certainly don’t think the US is the only country in the world, rather they believe it’s been divinely ordained that it’s the only one that matters, which is a rather big difference.


@idonotlikeusernames There is a significant chunk of the Republican party base that believes the US is divinely ordained, does not make mistakes outside the country (although they complain about government mistakes inside the country all the time) and should never, ever apologize. They continually excoriate President Obama for going around the world “bowing and apologizing” when all he’s doing is politely respecting the customs of the nations he’s visiting.


Yay! i live in the USA no problems!


I live and was raised in the US and I must stress we do not think we are the most important country in the world and we do not view ourselves higher than any other. While the US is not perfect and there are some people in our country who think we are the most important,he majority disagree.

Is this really the place to discuss high politics? There are plenty of other places to argue. So lets put the subject to rest. Agreed?


Timmy, I wasn’t serious. I was and still am upset because someone made a game, let me play it making me want to finish it and explore all the endings and didn’t allow me to buy it. Why make a game when 70% of the world has access only to the demo?


@Ambrose The problem actually has nothing to do with the US at all, but instead about how other countries may handle various intellectual property laws and taxes. Major corporations (such as Apple) start selling in (virtually) any country that they believe will be profitable. However, to start up selling any any country costs money (taxes, fees and so on, not to mention a media blitz to get people really using their services and various other expenses), and if a corp finds that it will cost them $1M to start up, and $10K each year (randomish numbers), they aren’t going to make money unless they can count on at least $10K each year, and even if they think that they can break $20K, that’s 100 years before they turn any kind of profit. Not to mention that those kind of numbers bank on nothing going wrong, and something will always go wrong. Most of the time corporations find that they just can’t afford to expand into some countries.


Thanks for the answer, Reaperoa. Could I send the money to the developers and receive the game in email?


I doubt it for three reasons: 1) They aren’t set up to handle such things, and doing it on even a limited scale opens up the gates to everyone trying to do it. 2) Each such transaction requires a look into how the laws work any any given country to make certain you aren’t opening yourself up to some kind of lawsuit. 3) There’s no real way to ‘lock’ a ChoiceScript game, and once sent out in that form it perpetuates people copying/pirating it, which is something that a small company like ChoiceScript can’t handle.


You ought to be able to trick these stores with PayPal and proxies/VPNs, or something like that. I do.


how do I do that, please tell me. “eerie agent” sounds very good.


How do I use a proxie in order to trick paypal? I don’t think it’s illegal as long as I use them to pay for the game.