Payment options


I love CoG and I’d have no problem with paying for the games I like. The problem is, I can’t. I don’t have a smartphone or a tablet, and can’t use the Chrome webshop/Google payment options. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this issue, as well.

Isn’t it possible to add some kind of paid membership / unlock-on-pay option which would allow people to play the full game in their browser after they pay with PayPal?

I know other sites have that sort of concept available and it works for them, so why not here?


I have a similar problem , The new games don’t allow old iphones. And no other form of payment for me. The choice of games need more variety of payment, they even can use online pass or console markets. I can watch tv and play independent text adventures in my xbox . Why not this games?


Yeah why can’ t they have free games


@pikam @MaraJade - I agree that the current methods of purchase are rather limited, particularly in certain countries, but I have faith that it’s something COG will be heavily working on over the coming months/years.

It’s very hard to distribute their games without risk of piracy, since javascript is an un-compiled language (everyone can see and copy it). As phone apps (and I think, Chrome apps too) are compiled via an SDK, it’s not so much of a problem. You can’t look and copy the code/redistribute the game off your phone to another. Not easily any how.


Well i know the problem of piracy in my street there is a shop where free iphone and you know what all apps are free on cydiac and more. i know people with piracy an iphone only cost like 30$. I dont want and you know thats is the reason i cant buy your games i know really if i piracy my iphone i can play your games free. But i dont want but i dont know people can piracy xbox i pay for independents rpg and text adventures in the independ games market on xbox pay 80 or 160 microsoft points (2 3$) and play on my tv its a good sistem and easy to pay


Exactly why can’t you use Google chrome?

Have any of you tried Google Wallet? The support page seems to indicate you can issue funds direct from your bank account, as simple as telling your bank to transfer the money over.

Is it not available in your area?

Are you underage? In which case, why are you requesting help here… >_>


@Rvallant i dont know if you asking me, I dont have my own pc now, so no way google crome for me. And no im not underage, and im not requesting help nobody, i only explain my situation and another way to obtain money to choice of games. And last there are a lot of countries google crome dont work like rusia i heard in another forum


@MaraJade - Internet cafe? Google acts like facebook, you can just log out and move about?

Not picking on you btw, just I’ve seen people saying they can’t pay for it and I’m wondering what the exact reasons were. =)


Internet Cafe’s you visit are likely to still be within your country, so that IS a problem if you think about it. Not everyone has or wants a smart phone, tablet or kindle and besides Google Chrome, they have nothing else to use.

I’d also strongly advise against entering payment details onto an Internet Cafe Machine… Lol. That’s just asking for cyber theft.

Some people might even dislike Chrome, I don’t personally, but some do (and they have valid reasons) and as such might prefer an alternative pc platform.

I’d like to see COG move to IE and FF’s respective apps/stores at least and Windows Phone certainly wouldn’t hurt.

The best solution would be a desktop application, but I can see how that might be technically problematic.


@Rvallant my father knows the hacker of the movile phone he was in jail for identity steal in cybercafes,they have some stuff than traker your data and the senate page of spain today has been hacked with fotos of Real madrid, police last month and the worst piracy volume in % in all europe. Do you think i should give my acount data in a cyber cafe,do you? Even to my microsoft account to xbox i purchase via game shop.sorry but this sistem only works in anglosaxons countries.


@MaraJade I don’t see your point on anglosaxon countries, or any of your points actually.

I don’t feel that ‘hacking’ is a common occurance as you make it out to be, in fact you sound a bit like a scare-monger from typical tabloid media papers… There are authorisation requirements for payments online thesedays and methods of protection in place in case of fraud or data theft and so on. If your country doesn’t have those security protections in place (i.e. if you’re outside the EU - because I’m fairly certain most EU nations specifically those part of the union have legislation in this area) then fair enough, if not then if you’re scared of ‘hacking’ or losing your details fine, so be it. You’ll just have to wait until COG changes the options.


I dont have problem with data bank onlline i only do it in public computers i do it in my iphone, and sell pirate programes iphones is legal in my country, if i do i can play your games free in my old iphone my father have a pirate one and use cydia so i know first hand how works. Its apple politics who dont let me download legally the ios 5 i pay for game book adventures andold game of choices the same engine its app store dont let me doing not this web.this is the reason i dont piracy your games a moral one. And i dont use chrome store because apple dont allow iphones to used i try and i not going to buy for chrome to use it pay 1€ the hour and in a hacked pc in a cyber and here people sells dvd and games piracies everywhere in streets and bars at nights its a different culture we dont have weapons we pirate everything. So we agree to desagree and i dont see why dont you like the games sells in independent games market in xbox i buy it legally and even see films its like stream only in xbox :>


@RVallant sorry if i seem rude but i dont have a poblem with you or this web its apple and google politcs, and i dont never pirate this games so i wait open market to xbox or have money to buy a Pc or a new iphone


The piracy part didn’t even occur to me, but I suppose that could be an issue. I still don’t exactly see how making the full versions available for on-site play after payment would invite pirating.

As for the Chrome webshop/google pay options, while they are technically available here, I would need to use a credit card to deposit money on my google account. Since I have no need for a credit card (and don’t particularly want one, anyways), I can’t use google pay.

I guess this unfortunately means I can only wait until google accepts paypal.


I was under the impression that Paypal requires you to have some kind of credit/debit card listed…?

Anyway, it’s not that’d it “invite” piracy. It’s that piracy would be possible, here:

That’s one file (of several) that makes choice of the vampire work on this site.
I could - I won’t - but I could copy every single file to do with it onto my desktop and play it for free whenever I feel like it.

NOW that isn’t a problem, because COV is free anyway, but you can see why they can’t put full paid games on a site. There’s no way to restrict access to a file without declaring it unreadable (which would prevent the game from working) afaik. Nothing easy to implement anyway.

You’ll notice - if you do some digging - that the “demos” aren’t merely coded to be shorter, unless you buy them. They actually only physically upload the files that govern the demo, for the exact same reason.

Again when you play via google chrome, or the app stores there is no easy way to access the code because it has been compiled into the device’s native package, .apk for android e.g.

So piracy is LESS likely.


The game in app store can be obtained for free using cydia or another programs to hack iphones. But yes @CJW you got the point it will be more easy pirate the games if will be online,but many people who wants play legally and cant buy games now spend our money to play and suport this web. Damn piracy who spoil everything!


@MaraJade - Of course, if someone WANTS to pirate something, there will always be a way: If you can make it you can break it (and all that).

But it does make it considerably harder, which will put out a lot of the non-tech-savvy pirates.

But you pretty much hit the nail on the head with the last couple of lines. Although I wouldn’t say ‘pirates’ but ‘humans’, as I would imagine the vast majority have pirated at least one thing in their life. I know I certainly have.

E.g. downloading music from youtube (video -> mp3) is pirating, as is watching tv programs online. :confused:

Different people have different views on ‘what’s ok’ - In the perfect world nothing is (pirating wise), but alas, perfect world live in do we not! ;(