Making games available to a wider audience

Would it be possible to have your games available to those outside the United States or wherever you guys have currently made them available in? I live in Malaysia, and it seems that I can’t purchase your games from the Chrome Store.

I’m from Spain and I could buy the game just fine and many people arent from USA and could buy the game you try with android store? in a phone or mobile or in the app store from apple or in the kindle shop? there are more ways than chrome shop if you can’t use it

Kindle (the Amazon App Store), is only good for the house brand Choice Of games. Unfortunately, the Hosted games aren’t there.

But yes, mobile/tablet users have more options with Google Play (Android Store) and App Store (iOS/Apple).

I’m curious where the Chrome Store doesn’t work, since I’ve heard of some far-reaching countries who were able to use it.

Last I checked Kindle is not even very much used / heard of outside of North America.

While it is a fair point (I think everyone can agree that the further the games reach the better), it’s a matter of ‘how can it be made to reach farther while still being economically viable?’ The problem is that I don’t think anyone has yet to bring up a valid answer to that question. I’m not trying to shoot the idea down. It’s a good idea, I just don’t think anyone has been able to give a good answer to that question yet.

I think Google Play, iOS and Chrome are a great spread, covering every platform. My question is just related to the rumors I heard that Chrome isn’t available in every country. I haven’t heard anything about similar restrictions from Google Play or iOS, so I assume that they are available globally.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see many affiliates automatically picking up the games, such as AppShopper.

But yes, @reaperoa , extending the market is always a good thing. I’m not sure what you mean about being economically viable, unless you’re referring to why we aren’t on Facebook (they change their requirements too frequently, to the point that CoG would need a full-time position to keep up with it) or why Hosted Games aren’t on Amazon (because they’d need to release ALL the hosted games, which is in the works, but a lot of work).

I don’t know about 1market and I can’t think of any others, off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

The economically viable bit is most likely referring to whether consumers would use a service to the point that it covers costs and makes a profit. In this case, the service is Google’s Web Store.

You can’t buy Kindle Apps if you’re outside the USA. I tried to and was unable to.

in Spain you can since December when kindle start to sell here I was about to buy one I think other parts of Europe you can too

@Lucid The idea of using Facebook as a platform is pretty much what I was referring to as an idea that would spread it to a wider audience, but would not be economically viable. There were a couple of things brought up IIRC that wouldn’t be economically possible too, but I can’t recall them off the top of my head.


So what would be economically viable, then? Is there a topic I can see this being talked about?

The thing is, portable tablets and the like are quite expensive here in Malaysia- even the cheapest would wipe out half my monthly salary, while buying one second-hand would still cost me 1/3 of said paycheck. I just want to play The Fleet for cheap :frowning: That means the Chrome Store’s my only option, and it’s not there.

Oh! You’re right Marajade, it looks like I can purchase them now. I wasn’t able to last time I checked but that was October, I think.

How about low-end Android phones? If you could make a purchase at Google Play from your location you don’t really need to get a tablet, I guess?