Amazon Appstore for Android in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain

Supposedly, Amazon has made the Appstore for Android available in UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

This means that Choice of Games apps should now be available from Amazon in those countries, but I tried clicking around on and I’m not seeing our stuff available.

If you live in one of those five nations and have an Android phone or Kindle Fire, I’d be very curious to know whether our apps are available from Amazon.

“In Germany, France and Italy, customers will find “App-Shop” available today; in Spain, customers will find “Tienda Apps;” and U.K. customers will find the “Amazon Appstore for Android.”” are certainly pushing the launch of the Appstore in a big way (indeed, it’s impossible to miss) but as you say, there’s nothing listed on the website itself–even for a registered UK account. I’m guessing the available apps would only be seen after downloading the “Appstore” itself, which kinda makes sense . . . Unfortunately I don’t have an Android device.

I own a regular Kindle so it would be nice to see the Choice of Games finally availiable on it if they do that. Of course I may have read that wrong.

@derekmetaltron Yeah, Amazon has two different stores, which is very confusing: there’s an Amazon Appstore for Android (AAA) devices, and a “Kindle Store” for e-Ink Kindles. Yesterday, neither store was available outside the United States; as of today, the AAA is available in Europe, but not the e-Ink Kindle Store.

The “Kindle Fire” is an Android device, and not an e-Ink device, so you should have access to our apps on a French Kindle Fire. But if you have a black-and-white e-Ink Kindle, none of those apps are yet available outside the US.


Hmmm, sounds very confusing. I’m from the UK so I’ll have to see if that means anything this side of the pond or not. I’m hopefully gonna pick up a I-Phone down the road so if needs be that’ll sort out the issue but given that the Choice Games aren’t image heavy and I’ve seen Game Books on the Kindle Store before, hopefully they can get them on there. Though I’ll be curious as to whether the coding and stat screens might give them trouble. Certainly when I use the Kindle online I can access most official and hosted games, abeit at a slower speed.