More for Kindle!


I was introduced to these games by Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides on the Kindle. I was up all night playing the two of them over and over.

When will we see more on Kindle? It’s the perfect platform. I hate playing on PC, but the Kindle is so comfy to read.

More more more!


I love both of those games too !! They are the one’s that got me hooked. I have mine on my Android phone.
I agree with the “More More More” :slight_smile:


I never knew there was ‘Choice of’ games available for the Kindle, but now I see that it’s only available for the US Kindle Store, not the UK one. :frowning:


This is sort of off-topic but I only recently found out CoG was based in America, up till now I thought they were a little English company :’(

although back on topic I love the idea of making them portable, on both the Kindle and the ipod touch, now all I need is portable access to my files to make these games and I’ll be all set!!


Believe me, we’re trying to get more games onto Kindle as quickly as possible.

Moreover, we too are looking forward to Amazon expanding their Kindle App store outside the US.


I concur, the Kindle is an awesome platform for the games. The reading is comfortable, a lot more text fits on the screen without scrolling, and the choice selection feels more natural.


Since it will be some time until Amazon Kindle Apps are available to european fans of “A choice of” games, I wonder if there is a possibility to buy these games for Kindle somewhere else…?