Reading kindle-intended "choice of" games on pc?

So I’ve run into a really nasty dilemma. Not three hours after I purchased “Choice of Broadsides,” my kindle was damaged. As I’m currently fighting Amazon to get a replacement (I’ve spent the last hour + on the phone) and it will take 2 weeks to get here even if they approve it, I was wondering- is there a way to read these things on your pc, perhaps? Maybe?

Really hope so…

That sucks. I was really sad when my Kindle broke.

Isn’t Broadsides still free on the main site?


it is but it said it ends on a cliffhanger :frowning: at least on my end…

I really want this to work. I tore through heroes rise and was HOOKED.
Even to the point of considering getting the romance one. *ahem.*

*watches his nerd cred shrivel and die*

What? It’s hard to find -anything- romantic aimed even remotely at guys. =P I’m desperate here.

Once they’ve got their webstore working I believe there is a possibility of playing the games online if you already own them on other platforms, that’s not currently possible though. If you want to play your games outside of the Kindle Fire you’re going to probably need to buy them again on say the Google Chrome or Win8 store.

There is something called “Kindle for PC”, program that runs under Windows. Try a search for that, it might work. I have no idea, but I figure it is worth a try, no? Good luck!

^That reminds me!

If you have an android phone you can actually download the (amazon) ‘Appstore’ as a Google Play app, log in to it with your amazon account and download your Kindle apps to your android device. Since they both run android (kindle’s is a heavily customized variant) *most* apps will work correctly, it’s just whether or not you have that second android device.

Oh? I thought Broadsides was the full game on the site.

Choice of Romance is a misleading title. Choice of Intrigues is perhaps a little better.

Tried Kindle for PC already. It sadly ONLY recognizes books, not anything else. Though it took about two hours and I will have my new kindle… next week. :frowning:

Sadly I have no android phone, nor an i-product. I’m really broke, which is why I was so excited to grab these things for two bucks each on Amazon. c.c

You can always comfort yourself with some of the great WIP on the forum in the meantime. I’d suggest Choice of Rebels.

There are some free games on the site too. I thought Dragon, Broadsides and Vampire were all free. Of the Hosted games, I think Apex Patrol is free. There are some others that are but the quality can vary since they’re all user-made games.

Or volunteer to help with some of the beta-testing if you feel like providing feedback. looks like it’s still looking for testers. Keep in mind it’s not a finished game yet though, but your feedback can help get it that way.

Which games did you buy so far?

Just Heroes Rise as a friend said the romance was good (I really am a hopeless romantic. Or a very lonely guy, depends how you look at it.) And Broadside.

I’ve been skimming the others and peeking at the scifi ones, but they’re somewhat low on my priority after finding out that there isn’t a romance option subplot.

Also kinda… disappointed in the romance plot in Broadside. It feels almost like a footnote. I mean the combat and action are -great- but. (Yeah, turns out the online one works after all. Go figure.)

Well it depends on what you look for in Romance.

I like those in Slammed! best of the official games. Deathless is a good read and has romance in it too, although not quite to the same level as Slammed. I think Orpheus Ruse does too, but I’m not sure how indepth. Showdown at Willow Creek does, but most of them seem somewhat shallow in it, and two of the female romantic options look like they’re the best plot-wise.

Of the Hosted, Zombie Exodus has some romances. I think Unnatural does too. Paradox Factor is all about what lengths you’d go to for love. Waywalker’s does, but only in the second game.

And yeah, the romance is a footnote in Broadsides.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll poke around. :slight_smile:

Broadsides should be on the website for free in its entirety.